Alverde Natur Kosmetik

I went on trip to Klagenfurt (Austria) and came back richer for couple of Alverde Natur Kosmetik (DM brand) items.

Alverde Natur Kosmetik

Eyeshadows come in pretty colors, but are poorly pigmented. I decided to try out green shade. On the left side is Creme Lidschatten 01 Lindgrun. I’ll be using it as eyeshadow base. Next to it is Duo Lidschatten 26 Green Dream.

Alverde_Natur Kosmetik

Swatch of Green Dream duo and cream shadow on the bottom.

Alverde_Natur Kosmetik

Lately, I like cream blushes … a lot. Alverde CremeRouge 02 Soft Copper is the prettiest in my collection.

Lipstick is stiffer, so application is little heavier, but because of its stiffness sticks better. Shade is called 02 Shiny Terra.

Alverde_Creme Rouge_Soft Copper

Alverde_Natur Kosmetik

Mascara looks nice, but I’ll wright more after I throughly test it. I was impressed with of Kajal Eyeliner03 Braun. It glides on, but has probably less staying power because of it.

Alverde_Natur Kosmetik_Mascara_Kajal Eyeliner

Swatch of eyeliner and lipstick. Beautiful!

Alverde_Natur Kosmetik_swatch

Maestras contribution to Alverde post

Kajal Eyeliner – Grün, Lipgloss – Pink in Ruby Red, Creme Lidschatten – Lindgrün

Lip glosses: Pink and Ruby Red

Alverde - Lipgloss - Pink, Ruby Red
L: Pink; D: Ruby Red

Details were taken from picture of packaging – shimmer is not this visible in gloss it self … which I like.

Glosses are not sticky and they are moisturizing. Pink is less pigmented than Ruby Red. Ruby gives your lips pretty natural look. They’re both shimmery you can’t feel so it’s not disturbing. Glosses don’t have any taste, which is big plus in my book, but they do have nice sweet fruity smell. Staying power is nothing to brag about, but in general I’m satisfied with them and use them a lot.

Kajal Eyeliner – Grün and Creme LidschattenLindgrün

I have no complaints about eyeliner – it’s soft and nicely spreadable. Color is just amazing. I too use cream eyeshadow as eyeshadow base.

Alverde - Kajal Eyeliner (Grün), Creme Lidschatten (Lindgrün)
L: Kajal Eyeliner; R: Creme Lidschatten

Goga donated photos and review of Lidschatten-Basis eyeshadow primer. She’s not very satisfied with it: base feels like cream when applied, it dries quickly, eyeshadows don’t stick to it and on top of all – it doesn’t stop creasing.

Alverde Lidschatten Basis

Alverde Lidschatten Basis

Alverde products are affordable and we hope they’ll be available in Slovenia in near future. Mascaras already reached us.