Thriszha je prosila, če lahko naredim manikuro s sredinskim all over vzorcem na Chez-Delaney šabloni H 22.

Za bazo sem vzela Essence Meet You In Budapest, ker mi je trenutno zelo pri srcu. :D Naša Maestra mi je za rojstni dan podarila čudovit lakec – Ciate Golden Globe ( ), iz Nemčije pa se je pridružil moji zbirki še p2 So Cool! lak. Seveda se nisem mogla odločiti, katerega bi prej testirala, tako da sem uporabila kar oba.

Na kazalcu in sredincu sem H 22 vzorček uporabila z Golden Globe lakom, na prstancu in mezincu pa s So Cool! lakom.

Essence Meet You In Budapest + Ciate Golden Globe + p2 So Cool! + CD H22
Essence Meet You In Budapest + Ciate Golden Globe + p2 So Cool! + CD H22

Kateri se vam zdi, da bolj paše k Meet You In Budapest laku?


  1. They are both pretty nice, i’d love to wear both of them…BUT.
    The ones with Golden Globe on it are looking a little “vintage” and i’m really a fan of that. So that’s my favourite combination :]

  2. They both look very pretty but I agree with Cali369 I also prefer the one with So Cool. I can’t wait to see a swatch of Golden Globes though ;) Iv’ just bought a truckload of plates from Delaney, can’t wait to receive them!
    By the way could Meastra tell us what shop she bought those Ciate polishes from?
    thanks ^^

  3. ohhh.. thank u so much GEJBA…(how do u pronounce ur name?) i like the uniqueness of ur name..  :biggrin: i much like the golden globe… :w00t:
    again thanks for making mani…it really help me to decide which plates im goin to buy at delaney…i think delaney should give discount to ur readers… hehehehehe :haha: :wink:
    have a great week ladies…

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