V okviru igrice Pustno rajanje smo prejele 11 fantastičnih fotografij.

Ponovno je čas za glasovanje. Glasujte za fotografijo, ki vam je najbolj všeč! Anketa je na desni strani bloga. :D

Poglejmo kaj bodo dobile nagrajenke:

1. nagrada: bon za 25$ v Sweetscents spletni trgovini + brezplačna poštnina (First class shipping);

2. nagrada: darilni Essence paket, ki ga podarja podjetje Dominur; All Over Highlighter – 01 Illuminate!, Compact Powder – 02 Bronzing Star, Soft & Natural make-up – 01 Ivory, Sun Club Summer Skin, Eyeshadows – Boogie Night, Summer Love, Dress To Impress, Glossy Lipbalm – Mango Daiquiri.

Laki za nohte: Multi Dimension – Superstar, Colour & Go – Rock Rebell, Silky Pastel – French White, Click & Colour – Chilli Red.

3. nagrada: CND Losjon Apple&Cinamon 245ml, ki jo podarja NailSpa.

Glasovanje se zaključi v petek, 26.02.2010 ob 22:00.

Tokrat bomo avtorice predstavili v obratnem abecednem redu:

01. Thriszha

02. Tassa:

Leopard: China Glaze - Hi Tek, black Konad polish, m57.

03. Mancina

04. Maespiritu:

Caronia African Plum, b114 Fauxnad; ring finger - Caronia Snow White, rhinestones for the eye design, rainbow glitter

05. Lumpika:

Essence Colour&Go 09 - Get the fever, Essence Multi dimension 40 - Groovy, S-He 393, Olivia 102

06. Ivanche

07. Honeybear

08. Elchy

09. Darksome:

Face: Onyx Minerals - Navy, Fyrinnae - Finnegans Wake, Meow Cosmetics - Pharoah (Egyptian Treasures), Beautiful Girl Minerals Gel Liner - Black Out, Max Factor - False Lash Maskara. Manicure: China Glaze - 2030, Essence - Fabuless, OPI - Mad As a Hatter

10. Bloo:

Essence Matryoshka doll

11. Anncheek

Naj se glasovanje začne! —>

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  1. I think this is not fair, as a contest voter, i noticed that everytime there is a contest, bloo and honeybear always wins, it would be better to give others a chance to win. As for those who already won, they should no longer be allowed to join to give way for the other aspirants… then select the best mani perfect for the theme… That is only my suggestion…

    • Hi, chloe!

      When we started our giveaways, readers complained when we chose the photos we liked the best and then they could vote for their favorite ones. That is why now it’s only up to readers to decide who is the winner. Honeybear only won once. :wink: And bloo is an soul with artistic touch that our readers must love, since they often vote for her manicures.

      We’ll never discriminate anybody, so everyone will always be welcome to join our contests.

      But we’re debating for some time now, that it’s time to change the rules a little bit. We still don’t know what changes will be implemented but they will be ready for the next game.

      Birthday games were divided in 2 groups: contests and surprise gifts. So  we got a lot of different winers. And couple of gifts is still waiting for new owners. :angel:

  2. Holy moly! All ladies are very skilled and have done AMAZING jobs. I fear that I can decide between maespiritu, Darksome and Bloo but I guess it will be the tiger claw as I haven’t seen anything like that on blogs or on youtube. :-) 

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