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Največ vaših glasov v izzivu Predstavite nam vašo državo je dobila Diana.

Poglejmo si njeno manikuro.

Diana Show Us Your Country on parokeets blogMy inspiration were the typical things that are used to make my country recognizable for foreign people, the images that are used on postcards or you can see in souvenir shops. So I made my own water decals of those things.

My country is well known for their cheese so I have a piece of cheese on my pinkie. On my ring finger I have a farmer girl in traditional clothing on wooden shoes holding a mill. A lot of foreign people think that everyone in my country walks on wooden shoes (clogs) but it is just part of the old fashioned traditional clothing of course there are still people who walk on wooden shoes, but that is mostly in the country life. My country is also famous for their tulips, so I have wooden shoes and a red tulip on my middle finger. On my index finger I have a mill, that is also something that can’t be missing. My thumb has a black and white cow on it. You can identify my country by these five things, they all have a connection. You often see them together on photo’s or postcard…then you see a scenery of tulips with cows, mills and farmer people on wooden shoes. And the milk from the cows is used to make cheese. On the tip of my nails I’ve stamped (Konad M44) the colors of my country’s flag.

I’m from Holland (The Netherlands), can you tell?

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Mastnokožka, ki ji že zrak maši pore na zelo občutljivi koži ... le kako ne bi pristala pri raziskovanju izdelkov za nego kože? TUKAJ pa vas čaka cel roman o meni, da lažje vidite ali so moje ocene uporabne ali ne. Če iščete moje popuste/kode ali pa trenutno top poste, bo tole prava povezava.

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