Revlon – Purple Petal

Revlon - Purple Petal
I’m so excited about this shade that I can’t find the right words to describe it. Although I am not a huge fan of cream polishes, this is one of the most beautiful pink shades in my collection. It is a wonderful fuchsia color, which is suitable both for the spring as well the summer. Like all the Revlon polishes I own, this one applied wonderfully. There are two coats in the picture above.

All the time I was thinking, what this shade reminds me of. Finally, I remembered the flowers … rhododendrons and azaleas…

Pink Azalea

I can’t wait for spring to come…

The second picture is borrowed from HERE.

11 thoughts on “Revlon – Purple Petal”

  1. Hvala, punce!

    Gejba, upam, da boš kmalu obvladala zadevo, ker kaj dosti ne rabiš več rasti :devil:

    Da vas malo potolažim. Moja druga roka ni tako lepo nalakirana :whistle:  In veliko je odvisno od čopiča, konsistence laka in še marsičesa :wink:


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