Sweetscents: Christmas 2008 collection – part 3

Third part of Sweetscents series will be about Metallics trio, three beautiful brown shades.

First and lightest brown is Metallic Pearl with its light brown base. When you apply it dry (no base) it almost melts with skin (on very fair skin). Only thing visible is shimmer with mainly gold flecks. But when you foil eyeshadow it turns into brown-bronzed color.

Sweetscents - Metallic Pearl

Edge has very similar shimmer as Metallic Pearl, but with more pigmented – darker brown base. It is one of the more versatile eyeshadows – it even gained “must have” status in my book.

Sweetscents - Edge

Last eyeshadow in trio is Natural Suntan Bronze. This is very finely milled shadow – with similar structure as Egyptian Desert. Only difference structure vise is that Natural Suntan Bronze is more duochromatic that Egyptian Desert. Depending from lighting it turns from brown to goldish-coper. This shade was very difficult to take picture of. In almost all of the 60 pictures I took you could see gold color and not much anything else.

Sweetscents - Natural Suntan Bronze

This time Maestra decided to do “softer” makeup. She used Metallic Pearl from Metallics trio.

M. Pearl, S. Glow, Clypso, Fall, Fancy, S. Slipper

M. Pearl, S. Glow, Clypso, Fall, Fancy, S. Slipper

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