Sweetscents: Christmas 2008 collection – part 2

Today I’m going to show you swatches of my favorite set so far – Egyptian Nile.

In it you’ll find following eyeshadows: Fancy, Egyptian Green and Egyptian Desert.

Fancy is very dark green Blackstar Green lookalike. The only difference is maybe little bit more brown base in Fancy. They bot have very fine dark green shimmer.

Comparison with Blackstar Green with no base:

Sweetscents: Blackstar Green, Fancy

Egyptian Green is lighter green than Fancy. Base looks almost brown-green but it’s loaded with fine green shimmer that makes it look almost like emerald green. I recommend this shadow to everyone – it is fantastic.

Last but not least is Egyptian Desert. The color is beautiful golden yellow color but structure is gorgeous – very very finely milled – looks almost the same as in Oriental Beige eyeshadow. It applies like a charm.

This time Maestra is going to brighten our day with very attractive sunny make-up. She used Egyptian Green and Egyptian Desert eyeshadows from Egyptian Nile set.

You can read more about Sweetscents series in the part 1.

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