Sweetscents: Christmas 2008 collection – part 1

Last week we received Sweetcents order we were looking forward to for the last few weeks. We ordered few sets of Sweetscents’s Christmas collection mineral eyeshadows.

They come packed in 5g jars and cost between 6 and 17 dollars for set.

LE Christmas 2008 collection is available until 31th January.

We ordered following sets: Begonia Trio, Egyptian Nile, Autumn Splendor, Essential Basics, Caribbean Colors, Earth Tones Low Luster, Metallics and Blue Trio.

Our new eyeshadows will be divided into a series of posts. In each post I’ll publish swatches from the chosen set and one of Maestra’s make-ups in which she’ll use at least one color from the set.

Each picture consists from three swatches. From top to bottom: eyeshadow with no base, over UDPP, last one is foiled with face toner.

The first set will be Begonia Trio: Begonia Nearly Matt, Cornflower and Popsicle.

Begonia is light pink with orange undertone. It is very finely ground and not completely matte – you can see very fine shimmer sparkling in there. If you apply it sheer it’s almost perfect allover shadow for fair toned skin.

If you are looking for a nice orange eyeshadow, Cornflower is the right choice. Discreet gold-copperish shimmer turns this shadow from wild orange color to wearable orange eyeshadow which will brighten your make up.

When I first saw Popsicle, I said, this is really pink pink. But I was pleasantly surprised. With dry application you get lovely pink color that you can use in day make-up. This is one of those multipurpose pigments – you can use as an eyeshadow, blush or mix it with lip gloss.

And for the end the best part – Maestra’s make up with Popsicle:

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

7 thoughts on “Sweetscents: Christmas 2008 collection – part 1”

    • Thank you, Joan. I can only say one thing: Practice makes perfect!

      And one other thing… Sweetscents eyeshadows are amazing ;)

  1. Ko vidim poslikane senčke, si potiho rečem: nič takega, kar bi me pritegnilo. A ko vidim te senčke na Maestrinih očkah, mi vzame sapo (*) . Dobesedno. 
    In meni se zdi veliko, če posežem po treh senčkah :-D
    Prelepo. Kar gledam in gledam, kakšen natančen nanos, kako definirane linije in prelivajoče obenem.

    Ja, kdor zna, pač zna (H)

    Kako  ena sama senčka spremeni “videz” pri različnih podlagah, nanosih…


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