Essence week: Why Not Spicy?

Today I have the last two shades from the Multi Dimension line in this Essence week.

The first is a coral shade called Why Not? which has the frost finish. It applies well. Bush strokes are visible, but this is only because of the frost finish. Picture shows 2 coats of color.

Essence - Why Not?Next one is a beautiful deep brown shade called Spicy. I love the name and the shade. It is easy to apply.

Essence - SpicyThat was all from the Multi Dimension line for now. I’ll Say again that I am impressed with this line. Of all the shades I own, there hasn’t been any, which would disappoint me.

Essence week is slowly nearing the end. Tomorrow comes the Essence Glam Rock Trend Edition collection, on Wednesday, however, we’ll look at the upcoming Trend Edition collection…

3 thoughts on “Essence week: Why Not Spicy?”

  1. Prelep Spicy odtenek (L) .
    Vidim, da bo treba kdaj zaustaviti korak pri Essence lakih, ki jim do sedaj skoraj nisem posvečala nobene pozornosti.  Kakšna napaka. Kar nekaj odtenkov iz Maestrinih opisov mi je zelo všeč (I)

  2. Ta rjavko mi je lep (L)
    Samo vedno, ko gledam Essence stojalo, so mi odtenki kar nekaj. Ko pa pogledam tvoje slikice, so mi pa vsi po vrsti gorđs (*)


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