Some corals…

I have some corals for you today…

NYX – Sorbet is, according to Wikipedia, a true coral shade with a slight pink tint to it. It has tiny green shimmer, which is an interesting combination with a coral base. The shimmer is really discrete, but it adds some depth to the shade. The picture shows two coats.

Rimmel – Sunrise is from the 60 seconds line. It is a true coral shade, which is in comparison to Sorbet more orange-y and less pinky. It has green, blue and silver shimmer. The picture shows two coats.

Gosh – Pink Rose has a stronger pink tint and based on Wikipedia I’d say it falls under Light Coral to Coral Pink. It contains tiny silver shimmer, which is almost invisible. The picture shows two coats.

Catrice – Red Blossom is from the 60 seconds line. It is a creme red with coral tint (Coral Red). This shade is really well pigmented and it applies great. The picture shows one coat.

Sinful Colors – Timbleberry #108 is very similar to the shade pictured above, accept that this one has a bit more pink tint to it. They are really very similar and there is no need to have both. The picture shows two coats.

Essie – Status Symbol is more pink than any shade above, but is a nice pink shade with a coral tint. The picture shows two coats.

Essie – Movers & Shakers is a creme shade, which is very similar to Status Symbol, accept that it has a little less coral tint and is more watery. The picture shows three coats.

I adore coral shades! Esspecially for spring and summer. They are just so vivid and they always make me happy

8 thoughts on “Some corals…”

  1. Mamy, ravno danes sem ga gledala. Če sem si prav zapomnila, je številka odtenka 208. Nisem ga kupila. Sem si pa rekla, da moram napisati sem, da je zelo lep odtenek. Nimam pa še čisto nobenega laka od MUF.

  2. Krasni so.. Status symbol  je itak trenutno moj najljubsi..  Vsec mi je se tisto od Gosha (ta roznat).

    Prav vsec mi je, ker me vsi pogledajo v roke namesto enx toliko direkt v joske :P.


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