Sinful Colors – Kismet Elated #325

Our reader kokola reminded me a while ago of a nice shade I had in my stash for quite some time now. It’s Kismet Elated from Sinful Colors. Kokola commented, that this shade is similar to Gosh’s Carmine. I had to see it for my self. My conclusion is, that they are only similar, way off from being dupes.

Sinful Color - Kismet Elated #325

This is again some chameleon shade, which changes depending on the light conditions as you can tell from the pictures above. There are two coats shown in the picture.

I didn’t make side by side comparison to Gosh’s Carmine. I’ll try to do it in the future. I can tell you that Carmine isa red-pinkish color and Kismet Elated is more on the purple side. Both have a lot of gold shimmer and that’s why they look almost orange from certain angles. For refreshing your memory, that’s how Carmine looks like…

I bought my Sinful Color’s from Cherry Culture. They have special offers, like “everything in the store 20% off”, quite a lot. So waiting and patience pays off.

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  1. Lep odtenek. Pa vedno imaš tako lepo nanešen lak. Vem da imaš dosti prakse ampak kako tebi (in tudi ostalim) uspe nanesti tako popolen polkrog laka ob korenu…? Meni tega ne uspe in tudi z uporaba aceton svinčnika se temu ne približam tako perfekto kot ti :(…


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