Wet N Wild Rock Solid collection has this gorgeous duochrome called Dream Black Metallic.

Wet N Wild – Dream Black Metallic

There are three major colors: black, green and purple. Maestra nicely caught the iridescent effect in Wet N Wild – nail polishes and speed glosses post.

Wet N Wild – Dream Black Metallic

This is one of those shades, I just can’t keep from admiring.

Wet N Wild – Dream Black Metallic

On my nails vampy green prevails most of the time. I love the fact that its vampy green without being black with just a speck of green.

Wet N Wild – Dream Black Metallic

Purple is rarely shown, but the polish would not be the same without it.

Wet N Wild – Dream Black Metallic

I used 2 coats without top coat.

Next time I went shopping, Wet N Wild Timeless Red went home with me.

Price is somewhere between 2 and 3 EUR.

Maestra said that S-he 434 is possible dupe for this shade. Major difference is that S-he has larger shimmer.


  1. i’ve got this one too- and it may also be a dupe of bourjois no 24 which they sell in a drug store called bipa but the wet’n’wild one is way cheaper because the bourjois costs about 10€ but the brush is really :wub: :wub:
    I’ve just posted a (little) comparison but the weather isn’t on my side for quite a few weeks now

    • Thx fot the information. :rose:

      I must admit I prefer WNW polishes over the Bourjois ones. They chip less and I don’t like bigger brushes ala Bourjois/OPI since they don’t allow for precise application (at least for my technique).

  2. I like those shades. I wil definitely have to look for these. I don’t have anything by this brand. I do hear that it is nice polish. Really pretty on you. The purple is my favorite. I love vampy shades.

  3. Jap. Tale S-he 434 v steklenički prav tako spreminja barve od vijola-zelene do črne. Poleg tega je cenejši in dostopnješi. Bom naredila primerjavo ob priliki.

  4. Tale je res pravi lepotec! Morda mu je malenkost podoben S-he 434, ki pa ima malenkost večji šimer. Na nohtih pa ju še nisem primerjala. Že gre na mojo TO-DO listo :biggrin:


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