I Think You Are An Awesome Girl – 10 randome facts about Gejba

Nati in unsu tagged us with I Think You Are An Awesome Girl award.

Thank you, girls.

I Think You Are An Awesome Girl

So, 10 random facts about me.

  1. I’m hooked by ballroom dancing. I prefer Latin dances, but don’t tell that to my Standard teacher, her is the last exam between me and my diploma as dance teacher.
  2. My second obsession are books. I read everything I can get my hands on: crime stories, romance novels, travel guides, computer program manuals …
  3. I love computers. I’m always giddy after mastering new computer program and I off to the next one of course.
  4. Never again will I’ll be letting my hair grow longer than my shoulder blades. At one time in my life, I could actually sit on my hair.
  5. I hate pistachios, almonds and marzipan. So I really should not be surprised that I get pistachio ice cream when they make a mistake with order.
  6. On the other had, I love zucchinis. During the season I eat them almost every day prepared in numerous ways.
  7. My shoe size is 42 (10 for readers from USA and 7 1/2 for those from UK). I sometimes think this is extinct number, since I can never find anything but ugly shoes in my size.
  8. I have a “little” brother, who is taller than 1,9 m (6,2 feet).
  9. They tell me I’m very picky.
  10. My boyfriend and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this year. How the time flies away.

This is the list of 10 blogs I tag. I had a hard time filling out first 10 spots, but I could have write much larger list for the second part. Fortunately some of the bloggers were already tagged.

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6 thoughts on “I Think You Are An Awesome Girl – 10 randome facts about Gejba”

  1. :drop: I didn’t know you were a ballroom dancer! How wonderful. I can’t do it but I love to watch it. Of course I watching Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Also on the Public Access Stations they have the Ballroom Championships. I don’t always catch them but I love those the most. Since that is strictly true ballroom dancing. I got my love of dance from my Mother. She always loved to dance. I wished I could go back in time to see her do it. I most always had short hair and wished I had long hair. I had an Aunt who could sit on her hair. It was beautiful. Loved getting to know you more. :wink:


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