Calvin Klein gel eyeliner in Cocoa Sheen

I bought this gel eyeliner a long time ago and forgot to write about it. It’s the color that convinced me to buy it. It’s a perfect shimmery brown. Here is the swatch…

Calvin Klein - Cocoa Sheen gel eyeliner
Calvin Klein – Cocoa Sheen gel eyeliner

It’s dark, it’s shimmery, it’s brown. Everything fits. It’s the right consistency and I’m quite sure I ‘ve had it for about 9 months now and it didn’t dry one bit. It is true that I don’t use it a lot, but it looks like the packaging is OK and it prevents it from drying out.

The only issue I have with this gel eyeliner is, that I suspect it irritates my eyes a bit. I’m not totally sure. I mean, this can be a huge problem for people with very sensitive eyes. That’s why I mentioned my concerns.

Here is a picture of my eye wearing only Calvin Klein’s gel eyeliner and mascara.

Calvin Klein - Cocoa Sheen gel eyelinerDo you have any experiences with CK’s gel eyeliners? Did you experience eye irritation with them?

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8 thoughts on “Calvin Klein gel eyeliner in Cocoa Sheen”

  1. I’ve never used Calvin Klein gel eye liner. I’ve used Bobbi Brown, MAC and Coastal Scents. I also have some Smashbox. I really like the gel eye liners. You really have to be careful that they don’t dry out. Even put the cap on each time you dip your brush in.

  2. Črtalo je čudovito! :wub:
    Ampak še bolj me je navdušila novica, da je tvoja prijateljica tako uspešna po študiju na FMF-ju! :w00t: Bravo, Nataša (čestitke še od ene mafijke :silly: )!


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