I know, you’ve already seen them both at least thousand times, but anyway … Here they are … like it or not.

I have no idea, how could Mad as a Hatter win so many hearts. I mean, I love it too, but it’s such a confetti and carnival polish. It is full of multicolored glitter in a clear base.

And that’s how it looks layered over different bases …

And here is a real beauty and my absolute favourite … Absolutely Alice. I love her! Blue and yellow-gold glitter in a clear base. The glitter in AA is smaller than in MAAH.

Alone and layered over Rival de Loop – 10.

Absolutely Alice – 3 coats
1 coat of Absolutely Alice over 3 coats of Rival de Loop – 10

Yes, I know: glitter + removal = a nightmare. A little hint: Use acetone based remover for removing glitter polishes. It works better and faster than a non-acetone remover. I like Zoya – Remove+ and Ebelin – the blue one.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I dodn’t get MAAH, because og the confetti-thing. But it does look great on swatches I’ve seen, it’s just not me … AA, on the other hand; that’s a beauty.  :silly:

  2. Maestra, prva fotka je res nora! :stars:
    A nam lahko zaupaš, ali je to fotka lakca na nohtih ali v steklenički?
    Res znaš s fotoaparatom, jaz tega lakca sploh nisem mogla lepo poslikati… :blush:
    Odstranjevanja sem se pa tudi jaz zelo bala in sem probala s folijo. Pa je šlo odlično! Tako da je MAAH že med najljubšimi lakci. AA je pa tudi zelo lep. :biggrin:

  3. Waw ti je uspelo dobro ujet bleščice, sem najprej mislila, da so dejansko slikani konfeti :) Kater fotoaparat pa imaš?
    Bleščice so pa res pain in the ass za odstranjevat – ko sem odstranjevala svoj prvi glitter lak, me je že zagrabila panika, da ga ne bom uspela dol dobit :blush:  Škoda ker so tako lepi :nails:


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