Blog upgrade – fun part

We already showed you our  “serious” updates. Now it’s time for the fun part.

1) The most obvious visual change is different color theme for the blog. This time Maestra chose fresh yellow-green spring look where you can really rest your eyes.

2) Our smilies suddenly multiplied. :D And since we don’t recognize the term “smiley abuse” they’ll continue to reproduce in the future.

3) Avatars – you can finally chose your own picture! Log in to the blog (under Meta on the right side of the blog) – click on Profile – scroll down to the Avatar Upload – click on Brows and chose the file from your computer (something small in size) – click Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

Since we had to postpone the upgrade so many times, we already implemented couple of the features.

– We added links to the related post at the bottom of the each post;

– added bookmarks to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, RSS for comments (for the post you’re currently reading) …

– since the number of Brands went through the roof, we merged them in couple of groups by alphabet.

Couple of minor tasks is still waiting to be done, but the upgrade is slowly coming to an end. Project was really exhausting and a lot of hours went into it, but the whole team helped out where possible and cheered for others when there was nothing we could do to help.

5 thoughts on “Blog upgrade – fun part”

  1. :love: :lips: :nails: :party: :crown: :cute: Super! Tile smeškoti kar kličejo da jih uporabiš :)   :happy:

  2. Super so te spremembe! :thumb:
    Smajliji pa so zakon :party:  itaq da jih bomo čisto preveč zlorabljale :angel:


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