Shiseido S3

Do you use highlighters? Which one is your favorite?

I have couple of them, but my favorite is Shiseido S3.

Shiseido S3

It has very practical packaging and I just love these kind of an applicators. It’s creamy and glides on the skin. Since it’s very pigmented it last for a long time.

I prefer the final look with the Shiseido S3 over the one with Narsov Albatross.

Shiseido S3

In the sun:

Shiseido S3


Shiseido S3

Price is quite high, but I still recommend it.


  1. Hvala za komentarje, punce! :rose:
    V naslednjih dneh bom pisala še o Nars-u, ki bi mogoče bolj ustrezal tistim z bolj mastno kožo.
    Thanks, Thriszha! I hope you’ll find some good informations about make-up there. :wave:

  2. Izgleda mamljivo vendar pa zame ne pride v poštev ker imam mastno kožo in se že natur preveč svetlikam :unsure: .

  3. this look nice.. im not really into make-up but im glad i found some blogs about make-up and giving me some very informative things…just like this blog post.. :wink:


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