Manhattan – Wet Shot Look – Summer 2010

I spotted a new collection by Manhattan yesterday. It’s called Wet Shot Look. There are six water flash lipgosses in the collection and three wet shot lotus effect nail polishes. I bought the most pigmented lip gloss in the collection (46D) and the matching nail polish (53U).

Swatch: Mahnattan - Wet Shot Look - 53U nail polish and 46D lip gloss by Maestra
Mahnattan – Wet Shot Look

The 46D lip gloss is very pigmented and creme. There’s no shimmer. The application is nice and easy. It’s not sticky, which is always a good thing. I mean … I love it, just not sure if I’m comfortable with such bold color on my lips. I’m still deciding …

Next is a nail polish with a name 53U. It’s a surprisingly nice pink coral creme. Surprisingly for me as I don’t like corals very much, but this one is a bit different. I don’t know why or how, but it is. I like it. There’s two coats shown in the picture below.

Swatch: Mahnattan - Wet Shot Look - 53U nail polish by Maestra
Mahnattan – Wet Shot Look – 53U nail polish (2 coats)

I don’t get it what’s with the words “flash” and “shot” in this collection. The collection is called Wet Shot Look, the lip glosses are Water Flash Lip glosses and the nail polishes are Wet Shoot Lotus Effect nail polishes. OMG, I’m really confused.

Overall I really like the collection. I’m considering to buy another lip gloss and/or nail polish. If you know the collection, what would you recommend me to buy?

For others .. what do you think of the two items I bought?

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12 thoughts on “Manhattan – Wet Shot Look – Summer 2010”

  1. The polish looks great – reminds me a bit of my Basic Nailpolish No. 5501 13 (from the drugstore Schlecker). I bought the dusty pinkish-brown polish (59k), I like the colour, it’s everyday wearable.

  2. I was thinking to buy the same gloss! also 43C but I prefer the one that you have. But I didn’t realize the nail polishes… I like corals, fucsias, etc… so this 53U has to be mine!! Looks really pretty on your nails!
    Thanks for the review!

  3. Those look really good with your skin tone. If you’re not sure about the intensity of the gloss color, you could mix it with a bit of sheer/clear gloss to make it less intense. I end up mixing a lot of my own colors, just because I’m picky and want it to be just the way I want it!

  4. Meni so bili prav vsi vsec, konsistenca..  pigmentiranost bolj malo ker so vsi razen tvojega bolj nepigmentirani..
    Ampak najboljsi plus je, da so zelo zelo vlazilni…
    Moj nude doda malce hladnega podtona ustnicam, tako da ce bi kupovala se enkrat bi se odlocila za tistega podobnega tvojemu, le manj pigmentiran je..  roznato rdec odtenek, zelo nezen.. eko :)
    Lakcev pa nisem gledala, sem imela omejene finance. :zip:

  5. Jaz sem tudi videla tole kolekcijo in tvoj lipgloss mi je bil zelooo zeloo všeč, ker je tako lepo pigmentiran.
    Sestra pa si je kupila tisti “nude” odtenek.
    Vsekakor super kolekcija :) :wub:


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