Review and swatches: Barry M – Dusky Mauve and Indigo

Indigo and Dusky Mauve are the newest shades by Barry M. I got both of them for review and now I’m going to write (as always) an honest review about them.

Indigo is exactly what the name says – an indigo shade. I’d say it’s a perfect indigo blue. According to Wikipedia it’s a pigment indigo. Well, it’s between blue and purple (= blurple). Actually, under certain lighting it’s plain dark blue and under others it shows its purple side. I love the color and I got a lot of compliments on this one. You can imagine, that it was impossible to photograph it well. I had to “adjust” the color a bit with a software. I hope I didn’t over-adjust it. :D No application issues. There two coats shown in the photo below.

Swatch: Barry M - Indigo
Barry M – Indigo (2 coats)

Dusky Mauve is supposed to be Chanel – Paradoxal’s dupe. I can’t compare them, because I don’t have Paradoxal. But according to the swatches from the web, I’d say they are indeed very close. The base is a taupe shade. What makes this polish special is the purple shimmer. It’s interesting how the shimmer disappears in some angles, while in others the shimmer is clearly visible. I didn’t have any application issues with Dusky Mauve. There are two coats shown in the photos below.

Swatch: Barry M - Dusky Mauve
Barry M – Dusky Mauve (2 coats)
Swatch: Barry M - Dusky Mauve
Barry M – Dusky Mauve (2 coats)
Swatch: Barry M - Dusky Mauve
Barry M – Dusky Mauve (2 coats, flash)

I’m really impressed by the Barry M polishes. So far I have five of them and I love them all. All are easy to apply. I love the brush (regular round one). The bottles aren’t special, but I like square bottles, because they take up less space. :D

One of the places, where Barry M is sold, is at Lič

What is your opinion on Barry M nail polishes? And how do you like the Indigo and Dusky Mauve shades?

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9 thoughts on “Review and swatches: Barry M – Dusky Mauve and Indigo”

  1. Ni ja ne volim siroke OPIjeve kistove, oni stari su mi bili puno bolji,prije ovih pro wide :ermm:
    ovaj dusky mauve je super, i dobro da paradoxal ima dupe jer mislim da nikad ne bi dala 20 eura za lak :hmm:

  2. Jih imam kar nekaj in so mi vsi všeč :yes:  Prav tako mi je všeč njihov ”navaden” čopič in pa kako lepo se vsi lepo nanašajo in lahko narediš lepo krivino ob kožici. :party:
    Moj Indigo in še par drugih pa je na poti (spet) :blush:

    • Lepo, da se še nekdo strinja glede navadnih čopičev z menoj. Veliko jih je namreč navdušenih nad “metlami” od OPIja, meni pa ne “sedejo” lepo na nohte.

      Opa, novi nakup. Komaj čakam, da jih vidim. ;)


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