Essence: Blossoms etc. TE (review and swatches)

This must be one of the best trend editions by Essence in a while. None of their latest trend editions wowed me. When I saw Blossoms etc. in person … Such a nice and fresh colors. Here’s what I bought.

Essence - Blossoms etc.
Essence – Blossoms etc.

Liquid blush Flowerkissed. I wouldn’t call it a liquid blush, because it’s more like a creme blush. If you look at my photo below you might get a feel of what I mean. It’s pink and it has a nice shimmer that gives it glow. I like this blush very much!

Essence - Blossoms etc.: Liquid blush - Flowerkissed
Essence – Blossoms etc.: Liquid blush – Flowerkissed

Multi colour powder Flower Power is the cutest product ever! And it’s a nice multicolored powder too. It has some tiny shimmer to it. I’ll mainly use it a highlighting powder.

Essence - Blossoms etc.: Multi colour powder - Flower power
Essence – Blossoms etc.: Multi colour powder – Flower power

Swatches of the multi colour powder and the liquid blush. You can see what a nice glow the powder gives. The swatch of the liquid blush isn’t very good. Obviously blush isn’t very visible in my photo. But it looks very nice on the cheeks.

Swatch: Essence - Blossoms etc.: Multi colour powder - Flower power, Liquid blush - Flowerkissed
Essence – Blossoms etc.: Multi colour powder – Flower power, Liquid blush – Flowerkissed

Next are the nail polishes. I only have the swatches on a nail wheel, because I really didn’t have the time to properly swatch them. But I do have a bonus photo for you at the end of this review.

All the polishes have almost invisible shimmer, that gives them glow. The shades are very nice and refreshing. The only one that applied a bit streaky was the yellow one (My Yellow Fellow), but it wasn’t terrible to apply either. All are applied in two coats in the photos below.

Swatch: Essence - Blossoms etc.: Forget-Me-Not, A Hint Of Mint, I Like, My Yellow Fellow, Bloom-A-Loom
Essence – Blossoms etc.: Forget-Me-Not, A Hint Of Mint, I Like, My Yellow Fellow, Bloom-A-Loom

A Hint Of Mint is a light green shade with green (maybe mint) sheen. I wouldn’t describe it as a mint shade. In my mind mint is a little more blue based, but I could be wrong.

I Like is a light blue-green shade with blue sheen.

My Fellow Yellow is a nice sunshine yellow with gold sheen.

Bloom-A-Loom is a lilac shade with lilac sheen.

Forget-Me-Not is a blue based purple with blue-purple sheen.

And the promised bonus photo.

NYX - Loose Pearl Powder: 01 Nude, 19 Mink, 23 Oreh, 06 Black; Essence - Blossoms etc.: Liquid blush make up by Maestra

Products used:
– Eyes: various NYX Loose Pearl Powders
– Highlighting the face: Essence – Blossoms etc. multi colour powder
– Lips: MNY – 365 lip gloss (I’m not sure if it’s part of the regular line or if it was part of a LE)
– Nails: Essence – Blossoms etc.: My Yellowe Fellow and A Hint Of Mint nail polishes.
– Cheeks: Essence – Blossoms etc. liquid blush

What are your favourites from the Blossoms etc. trend edition?

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13 thoughts on “Essence: Blossoms etc. TE (review and swatches)”

  1. I picked this multi colour powder today, it looks delicious! I didn’t notice that blush, it looks nice.

    I like all nail polish colors but too expensive – over 2€. No thanks. :angry:

  2. Prvi trije z leve so čudoviti odtenki, prav zares pomladni. Zna biti, da se bom spet vrgla v lov za essence LE lake, čeprav imam navadno slab izkupiček. :( Super MU, sploh očke so mi všeč – spodnje linije si nikoli ne znam tako lepo namazati. :)

  3. volim kremasta rumenila, ali ovo je toliko svejtlo da se na meni uoće ne bi vidjelo! tebi stoji izvrsno jer si dosta svjetla. mliticolour puder/highlighter je predivan! :-) a ima tu i par lakića!

  4. Omgosh, I -need- that flower pow(d)er! I’ve got such an obsession with printed cosmetics lately. I know the flowers don’t make it better, but they do make it cute. I’m a sucker for cute .__.~

  5. Lovely colours. The Whoom Boom didn’t appeal to me at all, too ‘in your face’ for my taste. I might get a couple of shades from this one if it ever comes here.

  6. Ravno danes sem v Mullerju na Čopovi brez uspeha iskala to kolekcijo. Rada bi se dokopala do ‘tekočega’ rdečila ter Multi Color Powder, od lakcev pa I Like. Vendar pa glede na to kako je ta kolekcija popularna dvomim da se mi bo uspelo dokopati do tega – imam na sumu da nekatere pred stojali dobesedno dežurajo in čakajo kdaj ga bodo založili s temi izdelki :unsure: …

  7. Waaaaaaau! :w00t:
    Jutri ob enajstih končam faks, potem pa takoj šibam v Muller, da vidim če bom kaj našla zase. Vse izgleda čudovito. Make-up, nohtki in uhančki pa izgledajo super pomladno! :thumb:


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