NOTD: H&M – Hot Minnie

Although I’m not a big fan of red polishes, I couldn’t resist buying H&M‘s Hot Minnie. I admit I bought it because of the cute Minnie Mouse print on the bottle. And now I’m in love with this bright red with creme finish. It’s perfect for spring and summer! The application was very easy. It dried very fast.

Swatch: H&M - Hot Minnie
H&M – Hot Minnie (2 coats)

This could be one of my favourite bright reds. I have to say H&M has some very pretty polishes!

What are your favourite H&M shades?

p.s. I wore this polish with this make up look. CLICK

12 thoughts on “NOTD: H&M – Hot Minnie”

  1. I’ve never bought any H&M polishes before… are they any good? I mean, are they easy to apply and well pigmented?

  2. Lep, vendar ima preveč oranžne v sebi da bi meni pristajal. Trenutno nimam nobenega HM laka, ker do tistih, ki so mi všeč nikoli ne pridem…

  3. I also bought this polish just because of the Minnie print as I’m not a big fan of reds either. And I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks really nice on your picture :)

  4. fantastičan je :stars:
    i bočica mu je veliki plus :thumb:
    ni ja nisam baš neki ljubitelj crvenih lakova… ali u posljednje vrijeme mjenjam mišljenje :silly:


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