My Illamasqua nail polishes (quick overview with swatches and video)

Since there’s a nice summer sale on Illamasqua’s web page, I thought I’d do a quick overview over the Illamasqua‘s products that I own. I don’t have a lot of them, since they are expensive. Some of the products were sent to me for review purposes in the past and some I bought myself. This is a bunch of products ready to be swatched.


I’ll start with the nail polishes. Here’s a video that shows all of my nail polishes by Illamasqua: Bacterium, Hectic, Milf, Raindrops, Nudge, Baptiste, Phallic.

My thoughts on Illamasqua’s polishes:
The bottles of the polishes are square, which I love. The cap is glossy black, which is nice to look at, but not pretty when there’s tons of finger prints on it. The caps are detachable, which is a huge plus, as it’s hard to paint your nails with a square handle. The color range is nice. The polishes dry pretty fast. The wear for me is nothing spectacular. The same as with other good quality polishes. The price is as with all the other Illamasqua products quite high. Are they worth it? Well, that’s up to you. If you like the color, if you have the money, if you like Illamasqua’s bottles … I got some of them for review purposes and some I bought myself. Would I buy them again? I guess yes. I like the colors that I bought and some of the polishes have a special story behind it … No regrets there. ;)

My favourites:
Raindrops – although it’s pretty sheer I still LOVE it! I love the beautiful tiny silver flecks of shimmer in it.
Hectic – my first creme olive green. Although I was a bit disappointed at first, because it’s watery and needs three coats for ful coverage, I still LOVE it!
Milf – no disappointment there. Love the color and the name is bold. I like the whole package.

My today’s manicure is the mixture of Baptiste and Phallic nail polishes. I applied two coats of each. The application was easy. The polishes are well pigmented and they dry pretty fats. These two polishes look spectacular in the bottles. Phallic has wonderful sparkly shimmer, which gets lost when the polish is dry and the polish looks kinda flat. The shimmer sparkles only when it’s in full sun. Baptiste looks like an awesome duochrome in the bottle. It looks mesmerizing in the bottle, unfortunately it looks just dark purple on the nails. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a wonderful deep purple, but not a duochrome.

Swatch: Illamasqua - Baptiste and Phallic (2 coats each)
Illamasqua: Baptiste and Phallic (2 coats each)

Bigger photo of my manicure is in the above video.

You can find more swatches of Illamasqua polishes in our gallery: CLICK.

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  1. Glede na cene lahko rečem samo da dobro da ta znamka pri nas ni dostopna (preko neta ne naročam). Všeč sta mi raindrops ter Baptiste…


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