Review and swatches: LCN Magnetic nail polishes

As soon as I spotted LCN Magnetic polishes I knew I wanted all of them. But when I saw how much they cost, I really considered skipping the entire collection. I mean around ~ 10 USD (which usually translates into 10 EUR) for a 8 ml polish + 20 USD just for one magnet … and I wanted both magnets available.

Fortunately I was able to buy them from our importer so the cost was little bit more bearable – 5,6 EUR (8 USD) for polish and 11,3 EUR (16 USD) for a magnet. Unfortunately they were out of diagonal design magnet, so I got only star design one.

In the end I did buy all eight of LCN Magnetic polishes.

LCN Magnetic nail polishes
LCN Magnetic nail polishes
LCN Magnetic - star design magnet
LCN Magnetic – star design magnet

I played around with different position of the magnet, distance from the nail … so not all the swatches are perfect. Photos were made while on vacation so they’re a little bit more lax. :D

Iron Magic:

LCN Magnetic - Iron Magic swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Iron Magic

Amazing Mauve:

LCN Magnetic - Amazing Mauve swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Amazing Mauve

Fuschia Attraction:

LCN Magnetic - Fuschia Attraction swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Fuschia Attraction

Copper Seduction:

LCN Magnetic - Copper Seduction swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Copper Seduction

Ferromagnetic Blue:

LCN Magnetic - Ferromagnetic Blue swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Ferromagnetic Blue

Green Temptation:

LCN Magnetic - Green Temptation swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Green Temptation

Magnetic Moments:

LCN Magnetic - Magnetic Moments swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Magnetic Moments

Nude Charm:

LCN Magnetic - Nude Charm swatch by Parokeets
LCN Magnetic – Nude Charm

Guess which one is my favorite?

And in case you’re wondering – yes, the magnet looks exactly like Alessandro Go Magic! Twist one.

Before I managed to publish this post our importer got new stock of diagonal magnets, so I did nail wheel swatches with that magnet.

LCN Magnetic Power nail polishes - diagonal magnet design
LCN Magnetic Power nail polishes – diagonal magnet design: Iron Magic, Amazing Mauve, Fuschia Attraction, Copper Seduction, Ferromagnetic Blue, Green Temptation, Magnetic Moments, Nude Charm.

25 thoughts on “Review and swatches: LCN Magnetic nail polishes”

  1. They are absolutely identical to the ones from LM Cosmetic (except that LM Cosmetic ones are cheaper!) The magnets are also identical!

    I have lot of them and find they are hard to work :(

  2. Lahko vprašam, se da dobiti pri uvozniku takole javno, da daš kontakt kar na blog, ali je to vaš dogovor? Ker bi nekaj teh odtenkov res rada imela, pa še diagonalen magnetek, ampak so tudi meni čisto preabsurdne “redne” cene. Še Alessandro ni bil tako drag, marička! Joj, za zelenkota pa reeeeeeeeeeeeees upam, da ga zadanem! :wub:

    • Čisto normalno trgovino imajo. Glede na to, da niso izrazile želje po tem, da se link doda v post, ga nisem vključila … ne vem kakšne dogovore imajo oni s proizvajalcem itd. Se pa podjetje imenuje ticcopi, striček Google ti bo pa povedal ostale informacije. :wink:

  3. You know, I’m jealous that these turned well on you. I had a very hard time with these. I think it’s because my nail beds are so small.

    I got the starter set…and while I like the idea, it just didn’t do well on me. :(

    • I took a look at you mani and I think the main problem is that you didn’t hold magnet close enough. I tried it on super short nails and it worked – but I had to keep it really, really close … like only couple of millimeters from the nail bed.

      • I held it super close, but I do think the size of my nail beds were/are the problem. I actually held it so close a couple of times I ended up touching the magnet to the polish. Ooops. Haha.

        I used it on my friend and it looked great on her. Was able to get it right the first 2 fingers. :( Good for her, bad for me!

  4. Wow, they looks so great! Green Temptation and Iron Magic look so pretty to me :) Would love to have those colors! :)


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