Catrice After Eight

Catrice After Eight is one of the pretties new shades from their fall assortment change. I simply love this very dark green shade with tiny green and blue shimmer.

Application was nothing out of the ordinary – 2 unproblematic coats + top coat and gorgeous mani was done.

Catrice After Eight nail polish swatch by Parokeets
Catrice After Eight nail polish

No the kind of nail polish that I would normally stamp over, but with all those beauties waiting in line I just had to do it.
I chose the one that wouldn’t stand out that much (me and my subtle konadicures :D ) – Kiko Verdone Chiaro (no. 346). Image is from XL B plate. Not one of my most accurate stampings but I was pretty much off that whole day.

Catrice After Eight + Kiko 346 + XL B fauxand konadicure
Catrice After Eight + Kiko 346 + XL B fauxand

What do you think? Too subtle?

21 thoughts on “Catrice After Eight”

  1. Očarljiv odtenek :wub:
    In tudi konadikura je super, malo me spominja na pavja peresa – verjetno bo zaradi bleščeče temno zelene podlage :biggrin:

  2. i am obsessed with flakies at the moment so i would probably put something over as well but the colour is great. the only thing is that when wintertime comes for real and it is going to get dark at 4 pm the difference betweet all those gorgeous colours will fade and they all are going to look black. that’s a shame ;)

  3. Ta in I’m A Star… sta moja najljubša odtenka iz novega Catrice asortimenta. :wub: Kmalu ga moram spet dati na nohte, a kaj, ko imam še veliko odtenkov za preizkusiti.

  4. Love that shade! I bought it while I was in Croatia because the new colours haven’t arrived in Italy, yet. I would never cover it with stamping, I’m too passionate over greens, but your konadicures look so pretty and it’s good to know that Kiko 346 works for that sake!


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