Few of you asked what was my birthday manicure like. Nothing special really – just 2 coats of Catrice Khaki Perry. I knew I was facing busy few days, so I chose something not too flashy, but not boring either.

Catrice Khaki Perry bottle
Catrice Khaki Perry bottle

Color combo is a little bit strange, but it works. Base color is gray with hint of something else – green maybe? And then loaded with lots of gold-ish shimmer. Formula is slightly streaky, but nothing I can’t live with.

Catrice Khaki Perry swatch
Catrice Khaki Perry

I really liked this shade. It classy and interesting at the same time.

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. I was disappointed by this one. I love how it looks in the bottle, but on my nails it was just not nice. I think the brush strokes are to blame. :shock:

  2. Mene pa tale barva ne pritegne, začuda. Ima precej zelene v sebi, bi mi skorajda morala biti všeč, hehe. Zdi se mi preveč srebrna, pa tudi potegi s čopičem so mi preveč očitni. Noja. Ena manj, saj pri Catrice jih imam še celo vojsko za kupit. :wink: :whistle:

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