New from Deborah, Shiseido, Artdeco

I had a busy weekend … but fun nevertheless. I bought new Vika Alex drawer and finally managed to get rid of all the boxes with nail polishes that were hiding under the bed. :D And on top of it – my other make up is now at the reach of my hand. I’ll try and do video of my collection, but I really don’t wish to promise anything as I have few very tiring months ahead.

I continued my “fall cleaning” with sorting of my archive photos and emails. Today I’ll share info from three companies that sent me their updates, but archive photos are not far behind.

First is Deborah which is spreading throughout the country. They entered one of our major drugstores – DM.

Here is what is new from Deborah: Milano Red Lipsticks, Natural blush, Mono 24 ore Velvet Eyeshadow (18 shades – 4 matte), Comfort Mat Foundation (7 shades). I made a collage of some of the new goodies.

New in stores - winter 2011 by Deborah Milano
New in stores - winter 2011 by Deborah

Artdeco is launching Forever Glam limited edition. It’s all about sparkle and shine. What will be available: 3 nail polishes, 12 eyeshadows, waterproof eyeliner, shimmer creams, bracelets …

New in stores - winter 2011 by ArtDeco - Forever Glam
New in stores - winter 2011 by Artdeco - Forever Glam

Shiseido will launch two items – Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour and Shiseido Matifying Compact Foundation. I can’t seem to find right color for me among their foundations, but cream eyeshadows seem tempting. They’re suppose to be long lasting and vibrant in color. Anybody tried them out yet?

New in stores - winter 2011 by Shiseido
New in stores - winter 2011 by Shiseido

Anything else worth checking out in the stores?

*individual photos property of Deborah, Shiseido or Artdeco

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