Quick, easy and glamurous make-up look by Maestra

I started with a very easy to do make up, that is appropriate for everyday. I used a shimmery beige color on my entire lid and put some darker brown in the crease. On the brow bone I used a light champagne shimmery color. I filled in the eye brows and put some black mascara on my lashes. And that was it for the day. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the day look, but it looked very similar to the look below only without the “liner”.

Quick, easy and glamurous make-up look by Maestra

After I bought a pair of new false eye lashes, I immediately wanted to give them a try and so I transformed the boring day look into a glamorous look. I added a little bit of dark brown and placed it near the lash line and winged it out, to create a cat eye shape. I lined the lower lash line with a dark brown and black pencil. I also lined the waterline with a black pencil. And of course … not to forget the fake lashes. I used the Baci fake lashes that I bought in a drugstore (DM). These are some cheap fake lashes. The prize is either 1,95€ or 2,45€ depending on the model. Mine are labelled as No. 652 and I love how they look. These are not the most comfortable lashes in the world, but they are cheap and look nice so they will serve the purpose. Here’s the finished eye make up.

Quick, easy and glamurous make-up look by Maestra

To make the look glamorous I painted my lips red with Sleek’s Pout Paint in Pin-Up, which is an amazing red. I love it!

Swatch: Sleek Pout Paint - Pin-Up
Sleek Pout Paint – Pin-Up

The finished look …

Quick, easy and glamurous make-up look by Maestra

I know I do not look very glamorous in the photo above. It’s because I’m not wearing anything glamorous, but believe me, that this make up would look amazing with a nice dress, a pair of high heels … Of course you could pimp up the look by adding a black liner … but I wanted to keep it very simple. I hope you like it.

To finish my today’s post let me show you a part of the photo that is on the packaging of the false eye lashes I used in the make up above.

Baci lingerie false eye lashes
Baci lingerie false eye lashes

Do you see the lifted corner (in the red circle)? Well, that’s embarrassing, isn’t it? That’s exactly how it’s not done and how I do not like my eye lashes to look like. :D

*I got Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up for review purposes.


  1. Zelo lepo. Verjetno že veš, da sem ljubiteljica močnejših MUjev, ampak zadnje čase mi točno nekaj takega bolj paše. Nekaj malega rjave, da poudarim oči in šminka. :) In res je že skrajni čas, da preizkusim umetne trepalnice!

  2. I really like it. I like simplicity in make up and I love Your eyes. They are so green and open. Pretty! I’ve heard of lifting the outside corner to create the illusion of a bigger eye, but I wouldn’t put it on the packaging. That’s just weird ;)


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