Remember the China Claze Metro collection I got in swap from Jen?

China Glaze Metro collection
China Glaze Metro collection

I never really had time to swatch these polishes (even though I wore quite a few of them ), but I did make a video of nail wheel swatches.

The only one you saw in action is my favorite nail polish from this collection – China Glaze Midtown Magic that I wore in my Germany haul video.

Interestingly enough I find all the “special” shades in China Glaze Metro collection more to my taste that red shades that I normally adore. I guess I’m in a funky mood.

All in all this was probably my favorite fall collection from “larger” companies. Very good mix of fall/winter shades and I’m pretty sure all of us can find something interesting in Metro collection.

Anybody else got the yellowish shades from China Claze Metro LE?

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  1. “sovražim” metro kolekcijo. Ko so prišle ven promo slike mi ni bil všeč niti en lak, do danes pa jih imam 6, ogledujem pa si še vsaj 2 :angel: :zip:

  2. Frankly speaking, this was not really ‘my’ collection. I only got Skyscraper, CG in the City and Midtown Magic, wich is my fav.

  3. Iz te kolekcije imam, kakopak, tavijoličnega (Urban night) :silly: , ki je hkrati tudi moj 1. (ter za1x še edini) CG lak.

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