p2 nail polish swatches

p2 nail polishes are one of my favorite ones even though lately I’ve been little bit disappointed by creme finish dominance as I love shimmer in their nail polishes.

p2 nail polishes

I simply have too many of p2 nail polishes to swatch all of them on nails, so I chose to show you the shades current sold swatched on nail wheel.

From the more “neutral” shades I love Rich&Royal the most. My second most favorite from this group would be Coffee Mania. P.S. Heartbreaker is not as ugly as it looks in the photo. :D

p2 nail polish swatches
p2 nail polish swatches: Elegant, Get Together, Heartbreaker, Rich&Royal, Coffee Mania, Forever

In the past, I liked their blue shades the most, but if I take a look at their current stand, greens are prettier. The only blue shade I really like/wear is Blue’s Time.

p2 nail polish swatches
p2 nail polish swatches: Charming Secret, Poetic, Night Out, Charming, Blue’s Time, So Cool, Funky

Green and red beauties … with pinkish shade to spice things up.

p2 nail polish swatches
p2 nail polish swatches: Jetset, Good Luck, Glory, Passion. Open Your Heart, Can’t Get Enough

If you have the opportunity so swap with ladies from Germany definitively try out p2 nail polishes.

Hopefully, they’ll bring back shimmer nail polishes in their spring shades.

For the end – video of bottles and swatches:


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  1. Skoraj vsi so čudoviti, odštejem le zelena in turkizen odtenek (nikakor se ne morem zagreti za takšne odtenke), drugače bi pa imela tvojo kolekcijo :wub:


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