p2 – Good Luck!

I got this polish as a gift from my dear friend Gejba. She is awesome. She is such a great friend. She knows exactly what colors I like and knows exactly what do I need to cheer me up. Thank you Gejba for being such a great friend!

Swatch: p2 - color victim: 601 Good Luck!
p2 - color victim: 601 Good Luck! (2 coats)

p2 – Good Luck! is an army green polish with creme finish. The color is grey based green. There’s not a sign of yellow in this polish. The application was great. The brush is very nice. No complaints at all. If you like army green polishes, Good Luck! is a great one.

Do you like army green polishes?

8 thoughts on “p2 – Good Luck!”

  1. Hmm, meni na tej slikici izgleda bolj sivkasto in trenutno sem navdušena nad zamolklo sivimi odtenki, ki mejijo na zeleno :yes:

  2. I like this color! :) In the bottle it looks a bit boring, but in person… it’s awesome! :wink: Unfortunately p2 is not sold here, in Hungary :(


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