Preview: Essence Marble Mania TE

First spring edition from Essence is called Marble Mania.

trendy, twisted and totally hip: inspired by spectacular marble effects, essence presents the new trend edition “marble mania” in march and april 2012. lovers of marble coloring and extraordinary textures can look forward to multi-dimensional effects. mascara, eyeshadow or lipgloss – the marbling is sure to cause a stir! several colors merge into one for a unique swirly

I must admit I’m kind of sucker for marbled things. The only problem I have with them is that especially baked products tend to be too hard and they never seem to want to stay pretty swirled. :D

Nail polishes (1,89 EUR) are pretty, but nothing that I’m really lemming about. I guess I’m just not in “creme” faze.  I will probably get at least silver one though … it’s shimmery after all.

Essence Marble Mania nail polishes
Essence Marble Mania nail polishes: Raspberry swirl, Who is mr. brown, Silver twister, Peaches

Now baked and marbled eyeshadows (2,89 EUR) are completely different story … I want all of them. And as they’re cheaper than Catrice ones I just may get all three shades.

Essence Marble Mania baked eyeshadows
Essence Marble Mania baked eyeshadows: Seriously mixed up, Let's get twisted. Swirl it, baby!

Marbled blush (3,49 EUR) is probably my favorite from Marble Mania trend edition. Just look at that beauty! Mascara (2,89 EUR) will come in transparent packaging so the shimmery/black marbling effect is seen. I’m curious about it but not really sure that my eyes can handle shimmery mascara.

Essence Marble Mania baked blush, mascara
Essence Marble Mania baked blush (Swirlpool), mascara (Michael's black or silver.)

This time I may even check out the lip glosses (2,29 EUR). Long time ago I bough similar gloss from Essence (cappuccino something) and it was my favorite for quite some time. Nail kit (2,49) with professional brush, two professional sponges and two wooden sticks I want. :D

Essence Marble Mania lipgloss, Nail Kit
Essence Marble Mania lipgloss, Nail Kit (Mix 'n' nail style)

Good thing that Marble Mania TE will be widely available as marbled blushes are really good sellers in Slovenia.

Anything from Marble Mania on your WL?

23 thoughts on “Preview: Essence Marble Mania TE”

  1. Oh yeah the blush is stunning, if we get this collection in Greece I’ll definitely get it :drool: !!

  2. Mene pa čisto nič ne pritegne. Preveč je teh LE, resno, Essence bi moral malce oklestit vse skupaj. Sicer pa sem ravno danes dorekla ‘naročilo’ in katastrofalno prelomila moj no-buy senčk, pa še glosa povrhu, tako da sploh ne smem v drogerijo pol leta. :blush:

  3. Mene spet nič ne pritegne x) yay! :D
    No, edino nail art set mi je zanimiv, ampak gobice imam, palčke mi ne rabijo, za čopič pa mi je škoda dat 2,5€ xD

  4. Glosi so zelo lepi in tudi pigmentirani izgledajo, sodeč po swatchih, ki sem jih videla. Pa blush bi itak tudi imela, ja :wub:

  5. I am really looking forward this edition, I want all eyeshadows and blush, and lipglosses and masara :D And almost all polishes, except that blackish one :D


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