Kiko Magnetic nail polishes: 702 and 705

Couple of months ago, Kiko jumped on magnetic nail polish bandwagon. They launched 8 shades of magnetic nail polishes and one diagonal (stripes) magnet + they recently added star magnet to their line. I bough two Kiko magnetic nail polishes and their diagonal stripe magnets last time I was in Italy.

Kiko magnetic nail polish: 702, 705
Kiko magnetic nail polish: 702, 705

I tried them for the first time on a friend of mine (we had nail polish party while on picnic ). I was shocked to see the poor result. We wiped of the mani and went with konadicure instead.
Next time I tried it on myself and was very satisfied with the look. The only thing I can think went wrong the first time is the fact that maybe magnet was not close enough to the nail.

Formula is kind of sheer for magnetic nail polish, so you have two options:

  • first apply one coat of magnetic nail polish as a base, and then create the image on the second layer (I tend to do that anyway as I like neat application and you have to hurry when working with magnets);
  • use regular polish as a base, and then apply one coat of magnetic nail polish + use magnet (contrasting colors look best);
  • but always take into the account that the first layer has to be dry, before you apply the second one

I went with method no.1 and used 2 thicker layers (+ I shook polish well after every couple of fingers). First one I tried out was Kiko Ottanio (705). I suspected I would love this color but still … blue with green undertone and lovely contrasting image … aaahhh.

Kiko 705 - Ottanio magnetic nail polish (swatch)
Kiko 705 – Ottanio magnetic nail polish (swatch)

Second one I got is Kiko Rosso Rame (702). Color is little bit weirdish and really hard to describe (you have pink, light red, on moments the is hint of copper …), but the effect is nice. Pattern is courtesy of shaking hand.

Kiko 702 - Rosso Rame magnetic nail polish (swatch)
Kiko 702 – Rosso Rame magnetic nail polish (swatch)

I forgot the regular price for Kiko nail polishes, but I think it’s around 4 EUR. They’re currently on sale and cost 2,5 EUR for 11ml (0.37 fl.oz.).

How is the new magnet? Worth buying?

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10 thoughts on “Kiko Magnetic nail polishes: 702 and 705”

  1. :drool:
    Barvi in vzorec sta čudoviti (še posebej patentiran tresoči :wub: )

    Sem že pozabila kje se jih kupi, pri nas v Slo. najbrže ne, ne?

  2. Se strinjam, vzorčekTM je genialen! :D
    Ampak še vedno nisem “podlegla” tej magnetni maniji, hmm…nimam potrpljenja, bi rekla, čeprav zgledajo luštno.

  3. Zelo sta mi všeč! :wub: Škoda edino, da so vsi njihovi magnetni laki bolj redki, prav zaradi tega nisem vzela nobenega (na oku sem imela črnega in rdečega). Imam pa 3 golden rose magn. in so popolnoma prekrivni že z eno plastjo! :thumb:
    In vzorec s tresočo roko je fantastičen! :drool: bom mogla probat :D

    • Večina magnetnih je zelo prekrivnih … pa še za konadiranje jih lahko ponucamo. :biggrin:
      Čeprav imajo prosojni tudi svoje prednosti … čez belo bi recimo prvi prišel še lepše.
      Vzorec s tresočo roko je pa na žalost prisilno patentiran. :haha:


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