I woke up two hours ago and started to edit a couple of photos, that I wanted to share with you. The photos are ready to be posted and now I’m sitting in front of my computer and all I have is a blank page. … … … … … … nothing … my brain is distracted by the people talking … the dogs barking … the swallows chirping and playing … and then there’s this beautiful view …

Pag 2012

… the words just vanish. I’ll just show you the photos I have for you. Summer sunset and my outfit of that day (well, evening).

OOTD: Summer Sunset

OOTD: Summer Sunset

OOTD: Summer Sunset

Dress: En Focus Studio – Necklace: Promod – Bag: Oasis – Manicure (layering): Basic Beauty – Nr. 28, Nr. 42PE, Nr. 40PE, Magnetic – Hologram Goldmine – Pedicure: Flormar Supershine – 14 – Sandals: Gamloong – Sunglasses: Furla

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  1. Ravno sem hotela zabeležiti, kar je Nuša napisala. Na tretji sliki si res kot morska deklica. Obleka mi je naravnost enkratna in bi jo takoj imela. :wub:

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