Essence – Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara (review, swatches)

Essence Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara is the new mascara by Essence. Actually it is an “upgrade” to their bestselling mascara Multi Action. The new one promises to:

Mascara for extremely black lashes – with carbon black. Gives extra volume, length and curl! Ophthalmologically approved.

Swatch: Essence - Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara
Essence - Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara

My thoughts on the Multi Action Blackest Black mascara:

My “naked lashes” are very light in color and are nothing special (medium length and a bit curled). I forgot to include a photo of my “naked lashes”. Multi Action mascara definitely is very black. I do not have the original Multi Action mascara to compare. The consistency is quite thick and that’s probably the reason why mascara gives nice volume, but the down side are clumpy lashes. The lashes are not tragically clumped, but for my taste a bit too much. I didn’t notice that my lashes would appear longer after application of the Multi Action mascara. I did notice though that the mascara curled my lashes nicely. The major down side (to all Essence mascaras I’ve tried so far) is, that it doesn’t stay where it should. It transfers to the skin under my eyes and gives me “panda eyes” although I practically never apply mascara to my bottom lashes and Essence mascaras transfer from the upper lashes to the skin under my eyes, which is just unacceptable for me.

extremely black lashes true
extra volume true
length not true
curl true
WHY? clumpy lashes, panda eyes

What is your experience with the Multi Action Blackest Black mascara by Essence? Do you like it? Is it indeed more black than the original one?

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5 thoughts on “Essence – Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara (review, swatches)”

  1. I bought Essence products after reading someone else’s raving beauty blog about it. I am very happy with all of it, my mascara seems to be working okay. I think you can get a Panda-effect with any brand Mascara. :yes:

  2. Tole blackest black sem kupila takoj ko je prišla v dm z novo kolekcijo “new in town”. Se strinjam z maestro da je pregosta in posledično se pojavljajo grudice. Sem upala, da bo tako dobra kot originalna essence multi action maskara, ki jo v kombinaciji (en sloj npr. burjois, maxfactor itd, drugi sloj pa essence multi action – super rezultat), uporabljam že kar nekaj časa, ampak tokrat je bil tole zgrešen nakup!!

  3. Meni essence maskare niso všeč – po njih (še posebno poleti ko je vroče) sem vedno črna okrog oči (panda efekt :ermm: )


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