New Essence image plates (fall 2012)

I was not expecting new Essence image plates, so I was doubly pleased when I spotted them in the stores.
So far I managed to find 4 different ones (2 different ones carried identical name ), but I’m guessing that is it … if you find any others, do let me know.

New Essence stamping plates fall 2012
New Essence stamping plates fall 2012

Quality of all 4 Essence image plates is OK, but I suggest you carefully examine the plate before you buy it … some of them are pretty wonky. Some of the images I have to check how they transfer onto the nails as matte paper and Essence Stamp Me black are not good testing combo.

Each of the four image plates has its own column. I edited blotches caused by lightning speed needed to transfer fast drying images. For those of you who wish to see splotchy version, it’s well documented in bellow video. :D

New Essence stamping plates fall 2012 swatches
New Essence stamping plates fall 2012 swatches

So far I thoroughly tested 2 images. Dots are cute and they do transfer, just not fully unless I pressed hard onto the nail. Must admit that my love for symmetrical asymmetry was fulfilled with this pattern. :D You already saw this manicure in previous post, so I won’t go into details.

Other konadicure is queen of understated – Revlon Rain Forest over OPI Nein!Nein!Nein!Ok Fine!. I chose Rain Forest just for fun, but I LOVED this manicure. It’s really subtle but the effect is still there.

Alessandro Latina Lips + Essence IP
Alessandro Latina Lips + Essence IP
OPI Nein!Nein!Nein!OK Fine! + Revlon Rain Forest + Essence stamping plate
OPI Nein!Nein!Nein!OK Fine!, Revlon Rain Forest, Essence IP

Video review of Essence stamping plates:

Price: 1,59 EUR for one 9 design plate.

Which Essence image plate is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “New Essence image plates (fall 2012)”

  1. Super video in pikčasta manikura! Tudi zelena manikura je zelo simpatična. Revlonček je krasen!
    Sicer pa … trenutno štemplanje ni moja reč … popolnoma me je minilo, zato nisem prepričana, ali bom katero Essence paleto kupila. Od vzorčkov pa zmaga packa!


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