Kryolan eye shadows – swatches, review

Kryolan is a German professional make up brand with a very long tradition. They’ve been around for 66 years and are specialized in manufacturing make up for theater, film and television. They offer a huge variety of items (from items for special effects to eyeshadows, brushes, …). Because this is not a blog for make up artists nor am I a make up artist, I’m just going to focus on the eyeshadows they offer.

In the Kryolan range there are a lot of different shades and finishes of eyeshadows. They offer “ready to buy” make up palettes and also empty palettes which you can fill with eyeshadows of your choice. That’s what I did. I bought their empty 8-palette, which is silver plastic and it comes with a huge mirror inside. The palette isn’t magnetic. You get eight double-sided adhesive stickers and you use them to fix the pans to the palette. I didn’t use the supplied stickers, instead I bought double-sided adhesive stickers that do not leave residue when removed. Here is how my palette looks like.

The bottom left is a blush, other are eyeshadows. The top row is shimmer eyeshadows and the bottom row is matte eyeshadows (and a blush). A close-up.

Here are swatches of all the Kryolan products I have.

From the make up palette:

  • Viva – Lychee: A white with gold shimmer. I use it for highlighting the area under the brows, inner corners of my eyes and also as a face highlighter.
  • Viva – Orange: A true shimmery orange. Sometimes I mix it with a blush Shading Red to get some shimmer.
  • ES Glanz – Bronc(z)e: A light bronze shade.
  • ES Glanz – H-20: Dark shimmery brown that leans towards red.
  • Dry Rouge – Shading Red: A matte coral shade. It is very pigmented.
  • Viva – Turmeric: A matte color between yellow and orange. I like to mix it with the Orange shade from the top row.
  • ES Matt – TV Brown: A light matte brown with yellow undertones. Very versatile shade. I can get away with also using it as a contouring shade and also for my eyebrows.
  • ES Matt – Congo: A dark matte brown.

Single eyeshadows and blushes waiting to find their way into a palette. :D

  • ES Matt – Sky: A matte sky blue. A bit patchy to apply.
  • Dry Rouge – Lake: A matte raspberry shade. It is a very pigmented blush.
  • Dry Rouge – ???: I do not know the name of this blush. It is very light pink with a gorgeous gold shimmer. For some this could work as a highlighter.


Empty palettes: If they would be magnetic, they would be perfect.
Prices in Slovenia: 9,24 EUR.

Eyeshadows: I am very satisfied with all my eyeshadows. The pigmentation is great and there is a very good variety of colors to choose from. If I’m not mistaken, the Viva line eyeshadows can be used wet or dry.
Prices in Slovenia for refills: 3,84 EUR for regular eyeshadows and 4,94 EUR for Viva eyeshadows.
Prices for single eyeshadows: 7,62 EUR for regular eyeshadows and 9,60 EUR for Viva Eyeshadows.

Blushes: I only have three blushes by Kryolan. Although I think they are good quality blushes, I don’t use them as often as I would love to. I probably didn’t choose the right shades for me or something. I don’t know … they just didn’t grew up on me. Hint: I also use my blushes as eyeshadows (and vice versa).
Prices in Slovenia: 4,20 EUR for a refill and 6,54 EUR for a single blush.

I have a bonus photo for you for the end of this post. On the left is a single refill eyeshadow (shade Sky), on the right is the Kryolan Mexico City palette I bought for my friend for her birthday. It is one of the pre-made palettes Kryolan offers.
Price in Slovenia: 18,24 EUR

Have you ever tried Kryolan products? Do you like them? Which are your favorite products by Kryolan?

6 thoughts on “Kryolan eye shadows – swatches, review”

  1. O marička, si perfektno paletko sestavila. :sigh: Fantastične barve, sploh Viva Orange je popolna. Je pa zelo dobro prebrati tudi, da so mat senčke odlično pigmentirane. Moram jih obiskati. :yes:

  2. Zelo lepe. 1x si moram res vzeti čas in izbrati nekaj njihovih senčil za kakšno manjšo paleto. Samo ugotoviti še moram kaj točno še pogrešam v zbirki. :biggrin:


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