Here it is … Catrice – Rest In The Forest nail polish from the newest Limited Edition called Siberian Call. Rest In The Forest has a sheer taupe base with glass flecked shimmer. The shimmer is duochrome and changes color from pink-purple to gold. I like the taupe base because it makes the polish look a bit “dirty”. The polish is sheer. If you like sheer polishes, this one looks pretty even with only one coat. I do not mind a bit of VNL (visible nail line) on my very short nails, so I used two coats. If you have long nails and do not like VNL, you’ll need at least three coats for a decent coverage or you can layer it over a nude color.

When I look at my photos, I do not like this polish very much. :D Do I even have to say that it looks prettier in real life?!? For my warm / yellow skin tone if falls into the “nude but different” category.

Swatch: v
Catrice Siberian Call LE: Rest In The Forest (2 coats)
Swatch: Catrice Siberian Call LE: Rest In The Forest
Catrice Siberian Call LE: Rest In The Forest (2 coats)
Swatch: Catrice Siberian Call LE: Rest In The Forest
Catrice Siberian Call LE: Rest In The Forest (2 coats)

My confession: I’ve been neglecting my nails and cuticles in the past few months or so. I didn’t even bother to paint them regularly. Is this a nail polish depression or just “I have other things on my mind”? A little bit of both I’d say. And to be honest I do not care. I paint my nails when I feel like doing so and I’ve come to the point where I only buy polishes that I truly like and do not buy them because I feel like I need them all. I guess, only the true addicts (or collectors) will understand what I am talking about. :D

That was my nails of the day and a short confession of what is going on with my nails. I’ll tell you a bit more about what is happening in my life and why I’ve been MIA lately in another post.

Happy polishing to everyone!


  1. Jaz sem si letos kar postavila cilj, da kupim samo 12 lakov in trenutno sem pri številki 11 :yes:
    Upam, da se kmalu spet kaj oglasiš in poklepetaš z nami :wink:

  2. Hey I hope everything is ok with you…I understand the feeling, maybe sometimes it’s just a “polish overburden” :-). And well when you have a lot of polishes (and with a lot I mean a Helmer is not enough to keep them all) it’s all right to be picky about your purchases… :yes:
    After all (this is what I tell myself) it begun because it was fun so I shouldn’t turn polishing my nails or blogging into a duty (even if sometimes it seems to happen).
    About this shade…I’m on the fence :think: maybe I should just watch it IRL and see if we fall in love :wub:

  3. Zelo, zelo si pogrešana. :ahug:
    Sumim, da tudi sama počasi prihajam v fazo izbirčnega nakupovanja. Nohte si sicer več ali manj redno lakiram, ampak v nakupovalni košarici sumljivo prevladujejo druge MU zadeve. :silly:
    Naj se pozitivni dogodki še stopnjujejo v naslednjem letu. :happy:

  4. Maestra :ahug: Pogrešam tvoje prispevke. Te pa čisto razumem, da zmanjkuje časa in volje. Tudi sama sem preskočila iz obsesivnega nabiranja v res zbirčno kupovanje in izbiranje za swap pakete. Saj je tako čisto fajn. So me pa senčila začela prav fino ‘matrat’. :whistle: :wink: Sicer pa upam, da je neprijetnosti že konec in da so samo lepe stvari na sporedu. Jaz iskreno že komaj čakam, da se 2012 konča, bilanca je bolj negativna kot pozitivna.

    • :ahug:
      Zaenkrat bom napisala samo … Po precej neprijetnem obdobju, se trenutno dogaja veliko lepih reči v mojem življenju, ki mi zapolnijo dneve. :happy:


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