L’Oreal Confettis topper

I’m not big fan of black and white “dot” type kind of toppers, but this one drew my attention with tiny multicolored shimmer added to it. You probably guessed it – I spotted L’Oreal Confettis top coat.

Loreal Confettis topper nail polish
L’Oreal Confettis topper nail polish

I would have never guessed it, but I simply adore this topper. I already used it twice and I don’t change manicures that often lately. It’s easy enough to spread hexagons over the nail but tapping is still needed. The only thing that I was sad about is the disappearance of multicolored shimmer. I guess there is not enough of it in the nail polish to stand out more. Otherwise very, very pretty toper … with wonky brush but I’ll eventually get over that tiny flaw.  :D

Loreal Confettis topper over Essence Gothic Gold swatch
Loreal Confettis topper over Essence Gothic Gold swatch

Price: 5 EUR for 5ml.

What else did I miss from L’Oreal? Anything different/special?

7 thoughts on “L’Oreal Confettis topper”

  1. Eden mojih ljubših! No ja, je bil dokler se mi ni čisto zlepil skupaj, haha. Čopič je bil pa tut moj k kakšna stara sirkova metla. Ščetine so na vse konce štrlele. Ampak barva je pa res originalna. :D

  2. Jaz sem si ga ravno na rdečo nanesla :D
    Lep je, ampak se grozno hitro suši, je tako gost, da se ga že komaj nanese, po dobrih dveh mesecih -.-”
    Moj čopič je tudi defekten!
    Kje so pa ostale punce, vidim, da samo še ti objavljaš?


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