Bourjois Vampire Vanity topper

The moment I saw first swatches of Bourjois Vampire Vanity topper, I was hooked. It simply had to be mine. First I looked in DM stores, but could not find this shade so I put it on my Muller shopping list and was lucky enough to catch it.

Bourjois Vampire Vanity nail polish
Bourjois Vampire Vanity nail polish

I am happy to report that this topper is as pretty on nails as it is in bottle. It does have few downsides though – base is not thick enough for gold flakes to evenly spread on the nail so I had to use two coats and tap the brush little bit so I got semblance of even application. On the other hand I prefer thiner base over thicker as this was I just 2 coats and mission accomplished versus bubbling, way to thick coats …  Base for golden flakes was Essence Moonless Night (Dark Romance LE)

Bourjois Vampire Vanity nail polish swatch
Bourjois Vampire Vanity nail polish swatch

Price: 7,29 EUR for 9ml (0.30 fl.oz.).

What so you think – is this not the perfect topper for December or what?

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    • A je katera mogoče že delala primerjavo? Jaz sem se odločala samo na podlagi swatchev (zavedna blogerka pač :biggrin: ) in se mi je zdel Bourjois topper lepši.


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