New in stores – Alessandro, Essence, Illamasqua

Gah – I wanted to buy few nail polishes from Alessandro Glitter Stars limited edition, but the stand was almost completely robbed. You could say I’m really late with this promo photo but maybe some of you still have full stands and will be able to drool over glitter nail polishes.

And if you are Striplac lovers – they launched few shades – nude, purple, brown … something for everybody.

Alessandro Glitter Stars

Essence Kalinka, Love Letters and Ice Ice Baby LE are also available in stores. I bought dark blue nail polish from Kalinka, hand cream from Ice Ice Baby and stampy set from Love Letters. But if I manage to spot these LE stands once again, I’ll give them another though look.

Essence Ice Ice Baby

Illamasqua named their Christmas collection Selfish Christmas Collection 2013. :D Very high on my wish list is Sculpting Duo, but Blizzard nail polish is close behind. Judging by promo photos, other products are not as interesting as those two.

Illamasqua Selfish Christmas Collection 2013

Next week I am taking whole day for shopping excursion all over Ljubljana. First one after months if not a year, so I’m open to all the suggestion on what should I check out. :D

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  1. Hahahaha, jaz bom imela pa jutri športn dan :wink:
    A od Essence Kalinka je tudi pri nas? Sem brala da je menda pri nas ne bo


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