I’m alive aka back on Internet

As you know I’m in the middle of moving, so not time to eat or drink let alone anything else. And to top everything, I was without Internet access for over a week. First world problems, right? To bad they completely stressed me out.

You can imagine my hag-like look at the moment and no time for shopping. Well – there was one little item I purchased in Austria (Ikea time). We stopped in Atrio in Villach and you know what I spotted in Marionnaud parfumerie? MAC! I’m no huge fan of MAC, but I still want to buy something from time to time and had nowhere near to check things out.

MAC in Villach
MAC in Villach

I hope that the move will be done in a week or so and then I’ll be back with new posts. I hear new Catrice goodies are gorgeous, so I’ll have to go shopping for those.

P.S. I’m lying – I bought two Rimmel Apocalipse lookalikes from Manhattan. Maestra gave me one as a gift and I loved it so needed few more.

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