New Subrina (hair care products)

Subrina is one of Slovenian (mainly/best known by) hair product brands and pretty much synonym for hair conditioners. A while ago they had major redesign and as our Muller stores are currently offering 40% discount, I purchased “few” of the products.

Subrina redesigne - shampoo, conditioner
Subrina 2014 redesigne – shampoo, conditioner

In case you’re wondering why did I buy so many products … no, I didn’t simply lose it. :D One of my friends and owner of Ars Cosmetica site, had a lot to do with redesign. Considering, she is one of the rare people out there as ingredient oriented as I am, you can guess why we’re friends and with her extensive background in pharmacy, I trust her formulations. Now, Subrina is not an expensive brand, so I didn’t expect super expensive ingredients, only that the best price/performance ratio possible is achieved.

I don’t know how my spoiled scalp and hair will respond to shampoos and conditioners, but I did try one of the mini baggies and had no reaction + liked effect.

And even if I disliked all of them, there are no worries that they would end up in trash. Little bit after they launched new products, I bought 2 matching sets and gave them to my mom with following instructions – keep the one you love, and I’ll take other one. Well, she kept favorite at home and took other one to the vacation house. :D

I still can’t believe I forgot to buy styling products … grrrrrr. Muller, you’ll be seeing me again really soon.

2 thoughts on “New Subrina (hair care products)”

  1. Imela sem teden žalovanja, ko so ukinili moj najljubši pomaranča šampon za mastne lase – tisti zeliščni vonji v zelenih embalažah mi sploh niso všeč, jaz sem za sadje. :D Se pa veselim poročanja o tej novi liniji, sploh če si vzela kaj za mastne lase, ker mi je Subrina vedno odgovarjala in so mi njihovi balzami TOP! :) Takoj z veseljem spet preklopim na njihove šampone. :)


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