Catrice Le Grand Bleu limited edition swatches

I just blogged about Catrice Le Grand Bleu preview and few days later stumbled upon whole stand. I was modest and bought only 3 products. It would have been 4 if I remembered I also wanted highlighter.

Catrice Le Grand Bleu
Catrice Le Grand Bleu haul (Never Leave Coral Reef matt lip cream, Mermaid It eyeshadow pen, Mermaiday Mayday nail polish)

Sorry for lack of the photo swatches, I only had time for video and will be making swatch of Mermaiday Mayday nail polish over Catrice Black To the Routes polish I just bough anyway. Can you imagine I had no black or white nail polish in the apartment so I had to go shopping for 2 most basic colors?

Did anyone solve the mystery of eyeshadow pens? Why are they sometimes cemented on my skin and sometimes average at best?

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