What would you like to see on blog in the near future?

It’s been interesting lately in my crazy little world. I have one sleepless night after another and then my camera decides that now is the perfect time to finally stop working. Just so you know where do crappy photos (like the one bellow) you my occasionally see on blog in next few days come from. I decided on DSLR camera, but am still struggling with eternal question … Canon or Nikon. All of your suggestions are very, very welcomed. :D

I wish to show you bunch of products and share my opinion with you, but I’m realistic enough to know that is simply impossible. I finally cleaned up my “swatch” drawer and decided on the things I would like to review (and I have jet to tackle skin care and nail polishes ), so I made quick photo with my phone. It’s reining in Slovenia so my phone camera will by default make crappy photos. Fickle thing only likes lots of light.

I would really appreciated if you wrote what would YOU like to see reviewed on our blog.

Čakajoč na swatchanje ...
Čakajoč na swatchanje …

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10 thoughts on “What would you like to see on blog in the near future?”

  1. I’d like to see more skincare posts (and body care such as scrubs, etc).

    My sister’s had her Nikon for 3 years. She wasn’t sure which brand to buy either and decided on Nikon as it was said to be more user-friendly. She’s very happy with her D3000 DSLR (the newer equivalents are the D3100 and the D3200).
    My dad used to be a photographer when I was a kid and he said that Nikon had a better reputation than Canon, though I honestly don’t know whether that stands today, as Canon DSLR are also used by professional photographers worldwide.

    Hope that helps.

    • I had huge exclamation mark on skin care and finally started to write more about the topic. I have quite a few of skin care reviews already in draft.

      Both cameras I researched were great … but you kind of have to know more about DSLR to really make the right decision. I like Nikon colors better, but Canon had touchscreen and than my be better for beginner. :think:

  2. Jaz mam Nikona in sem ful zadovoljna, je pa res da za lepe fotke moreš imet malo znanja oz. se ti mora dat s tem ukvarjat. Ko sem ga kupla sem bila ful naudušena nad njim in sem se na veliko ukvarjala s fotografijo, potem sem vse skupaj nekako opustila.
    Ne vem koliko si pripravljena dati ampak Nikon D90 je bil ene 3 leta na lestvici naj DSLRjev v tej kategoriji, daleč daleč pred ostalimi, se ga še dobi, ampak je načeloma šel iz prodaje, ampak glede na to da je veliko povpraševanje po njem se ga da še vedno dobiti in je v samem vrhu prodaje oz. bil je najbolj prodajan Nikonov fotoaparat.

    • Ravno zaradi večje učne krivulje kot pri hibridih, sem dolgo časa odlašala z nakupom. Ampak so mi fotografije pri DSLR toliko lepše, da sem pripravljena nekaj časa nameniti temu. Zraven si bom kupila pa še en kompaktni fotoaparat, tako da bom pokrila večino potreb. :silly:


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