I’m currently chasing away a cold with new goodies I bought in Austria. I didn’t have much time, so I only visited Müller and Kiko store. Next time I’ll go to MAC counter, Douglas …

I must say that I adore Atrio shopping center from the very first visit. Then MAC happened, KIKO followed, they just need Inglot and I’ll be one super happy shopper. :D

Austria haul October 2014
Austria haul October 2014 – Muller

Austria haul October 2014 - Kiko
Austria haul October 2014 – Kiko

I still have some post on backlog, but I’ll try to write review about your favorite product ASAP. So tell me – which item interests you the most?

P.S. Slovenian ladies – which store has majority of L’Oreal Colour Riche® Collection Exclusive Pure Reds lipsticks available? Or are there only 3 or 4 available and I have to scour Web for missing ones?


  1. Ne vem če je pri nas prav velika izbira Pure Reds. Jaz sem zasledila 4 odtenke in sicer v DM. Izbrala sem Julianne’s. Odtenek za mojo bledo polt je super, mi pa malce izsuši ustnice (tudi drugače je bolj suh občutek nekaj časa po nanosu).

    KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow.


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