Catrice Nomadic Traces swatches

Catrice Nomadic Traces was one of the most awaited limited editions from the brand. Granted – I’m talking from my perspective, but how can you not love LE with matt (and not orange!) bronzer, matt jumbo chubby lip pen … In the end I bought brown black eyeliner, blue nail polish and bronzer.

Catrice Nomadic Traces haulAs there were tester for some of the products, I swatched them for you. I was sure I’ll be picking up jumbo lip pencils as I usually adore Catrice matt lippies, but this time I was not convinced. They didn’t pass my “smear” test, so none went home with me.

Eyeshadows I actually liked, but as I’m currently trying to first weed out my eyeshadow collection and then buy colors I am missing, I left those at the store too. Eyeliners didn’t have testers that I saw, so I only picked up Leap In The Dark – very dark brown shade. This is one of those soft eyeliners that are easy to blend (see demonstration in video) but when they set, they don’t budge until you attack it with makeup remover. If I get dark one, I’ll buy that one as well.

Bronzer (Brave Bronze) is great color for me – warm brown, but not orange, matt, not to pigmented. I do wish it had less dusty formula, but am very satisfied with results.

Catrice Nomadic Traces swatchesI allowed myself on 1 nail polish (drowning in the untrieds so there has to be limit somewhere, right?) and then stood 10 minutes in front of the stand to decide which one do I need the most. And then predictably bought the blue one – Trip Into The Blue. This is more “oil slick” finish than matt, but I loved it nevertheless. As it is not matte it was easy to apply, but as it is quick drying it is not really that useful for stamping. It can be done if you are quick, but I like taking my time when stamping.

Who bought jumbo pencils? Tell me they’re not cemented on your lips or I’ll deeply regret my decision to pass those 2 lovely colors.

Catrice Nomadic Traces swatches

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