New Bourjois Sweet Kiss lip glosses

Bourjois launched brand new line of lip glosses called SWEET KISS. Let us first take a look at their promises:

Boost your lips with natural radiance and 10 hour hydration for a summer-ready pout.
Its non-sticky, oil-enriched serum formula nourishes and smoothly glides onto the lips giving extreme comfort.

I must admit I’m not a huge lip gloss fan. But somehow I still managed to try out a lot of them and even several from Bourjois. My complaint with Bourjois lip glosses in pretty much always the same – I like formula but I hate shimmer, glitter or pearly particles added to them. I think shine itself is enough. Other thing I generally hate in lip glosses is the stickiness. If you have or had long lair you know what am I talking about. You apply sticky gloss, wind starts to blow and suddenly you have hair stuck on you lips + gloss smeared all over.
True, stickiness equals longer staying power, but if I want that, I’ll simply use lipstick.

After one month of continuous testing (pretty much the only lip product I’ve been using) I can agree with majority of Bourjois claims. Only thing I don’t agree with is 10 hour claim. Colour itself lasts for about hour on my narrow lips (longer than majority of lip glosses), but nourishing feeling goes up to the 4-5 hour mark. Gloss is not sticky with slightly fruity scent and sweet taste (unintentionally, but I still tried it). The biggest surprise? I was actually able to apply lip gloss with brush applicator with only minimal use of mirror. Not sure how would that go with red shade but light colours were easy to apply. And if you remember any of my older posts, I always tell you that I suck at applying lip products with blush or sponge applicators you get in them.

I chose 2 light colours as I was pretty sure I would like them and use them instead of putting them in a drawer and forgetting all about them. After I Goggled up swatches of Sweet Kiss lip glosses, I couldn’t really tell difference between 03 and 04, so I decided to test those 2 out.

Colours do seem somewhat alike on my lips (mine are very pale), but you can see the difference. 03 As de pink is more Barbie pink, while 04 Incogni-rose leans more to the fleshy rose specter. If I chose favourite colour-wise only, I would go for 03 as it really brightens my face up, but formula wise I like 04 better. No, they don’t have the same formula. Pigment is easier to spread all over the lip when using 04 than 03. Incogni-rose allows for one of those super speedy applications, while 03 needs little bit more time.

Bourjois priced their Sweet Kiss lip glosses at 11 EUR for 5,7ml of product. Glosses are made in France and have an 18 month of shelf life after you open them.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss lip glosses (all available shades)
Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipglosi
Bourjois Sweet Kiss lip glosses
Bourjois Sweet Kissprimerjava med 03 in 04 lipglosoma
Bourjois Sweet Kiss – 03 (upper) and 04 lip gloss comparison
Bourjois Sweet Kiss 03 As de pink lipglos na ustnicah
Bourjois Sweet Kiss 03 As de pink lipgloss (lip swatch)
Bourjois Sweet Kiss 04 Incogni-Rose lip glos
Bourjois Sweet Kiss 04 Incogni-Rose lip gloss (lip swatch)

*PR sample

6 thoughts on “New Bourjois Sweet Kiss lip glosses”

  1. Hvala za oceno.
    Kljub lepim barvam me ne prepričajo. Ti vrste čopiči mi niso všeč pa tudi cena ni najbolj ugodna. Glede vlažilnosti so mi trenutno najboljši Maxfactor glosi ter Nyx butter glosi, pa tudi essence xxl longlasting glos ni slab (razen barvnega spektra).

  2. Meni osebno je 04 mnogo lepši kot 03, je nekako bolj “moja barva” :) Sicer pa se strinjam za napisanim, je pa nanos pri meni mogoč brez pogleda v ogledalo :)

    • Jaz nisem tako kordinirana kot ti. :biggrin: Meni je glede same barve 04 lepši, ampak na ustnicah pa 03 deluje kot skodelica kave – me prav poživi. :silly:

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