Products I have used up – November 2015

I can not believe that in the seven years since I started blogging (it is insane that it’s been seven years already!) I haven’t shown you my empties. ;) It seems to be very popular among the you tube and blogging community to show each other trash, so that is what I am going to do and see if anyone of our readers is interested in it. Who knows maybe this will become a series of posts and I’ll keep collecting empty bottles of stuff and my husband is clearly not going to love it. But what does he know, right? :)

Let’s see what I’ve managed to use up.

Alverde - Birke, Bed Head - Dumb Blonde, Tony Guy - Cleanse

Alverde Sensitive Shampoo Birke Salbei

A shampoo that I’ve been using on and off for the past couple of years. I’ve repurchased it many many times. It’s that kind of shampoo that makes your hair squeaky clean and thus it’s not for everyday use. Years ago this was the only shampoo hat didn’t irritate my scalp. Nowadays either my scalp isn’t as sensitive anymore or the shampoos improved or I just have more luck but I found other shampoos that do not irritate my scalp and I like them better than the Alverde one. But I still haven’t found the one shampoo I cannot live without. One thing is clear. Alverde shampoo is a good one for deep cleaning your hair and it is very affordable. I will not repurchase it. For now.

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor

Another of my staple products. At least it used to be for years. I’ve probably used up like five tubes of it in the past years. It is a very thick conditioner for very dry and damaged hair. The scent of it is very lovely. This was my favorite conditioner for years, but at the moment my hair just don’t care for it anymore. Maybe my hair has improved so much, that it doesn’t need it anymore. I don’t know. At this point I will not repurchase it.

Tony Guy Cleanse Shampoo

One of my newer discoveries in the shampoo world. It is one of the alternatives for the Alverde shampoo you’ve just read. Clearly this one is pricier than the Alverde one. I think this one might be my third bottle already. I like it a lot. Although it is a cleanse shampoo it doesn’t make my hair as squeaky as the Alverde one. Which is a good thing in my mind.

Alverde - Kokos Pflegeol, Burt' s Bees - Sugar Scrub

Alverde Kokos Pflegeol

Beautifully coconut scented oil for your body. This was one of many other products I’ve used during my pregnancy. I love using oils in general. When I am done showering I put oil on my wet skin and towel dry. Done. Very easy and quick. Alverde coconut oil has a pump which is great. It has a lovely scent. I will definitely repurchase it.

Burt’s Bees Sugar Scrub Cranberry & Pomegranate

One of my all time favorite body scrubs. It smells delicious. It is a gentle scrub, but it actually does something to your skin. It contains oils which make my skin hydrated and I do not need to use a moisturizer afterwards. Bonus! It is not one of the cheapest scrubs out there, but is a very lovely one. I’ve used up three tubs already and the fourth one is already in my bath.

Garnier - Micellar Cleansing Water, Annemarie Borlind - Naturesome Effect Fluid, Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Serum

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

It started with a kiss. No no no … I meant. It all started with Bioderma and now practically every brand sells its own version of micellar water. Many of them are as good as the Bioderma but many more are just not. Some are just not effective when it comes to removing make up. And what am I going to do with those? Well, Garnier did it right! It is just as effective as the Bioderma and I really can’t feel the difference between them. But my wallet does. Garnier is way cheaper. I would love to repurchase it but I have been told that one of the ingredients in it can be potentially “not good for you”. I don’t know.

Annemarie Borlind Naturesome Nature Effect Fluid

A couple of years ago I bought this product by coincidence really. I was looking for a new moisturizer or even serum and was just browsing the shelves. I grabbed it because there was a mini version for sale and it was actually cheaper (per ml) to buy mini version than a full size bottle which is insane. So I bought it and didn’t think much about it. The consistency is very thin, but it actually is very hydrating. I was amazed at how plumped my skin looked after just one use. The scent is nice and I love that the bottle has a pump. I use it as a serum under my regular moisturizer when my skin is very dry and on its own when my skin is normal. I’ve used up three or four mini size bottles and have two full size ones as backup because I got them on sale. I am afraid that it has been discontinued though.

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Serum

One of the very hyped product in the you tube world. And to be honest I bought it just because of that. My thoughts on it. It is an OK serum. I have nothing bad to say about it. It was just one of those products, that is just good enough to use it up, but nothing to write home about. I will not buy it again. I like better the Polyphenol C15 Anti-wrinkle Defense Serum which I will use up very soon and I already have a backup of it.

And we are the bottom of my trash bin. :)

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in the post? How did you like them?

3 thoughts on “Products I have used up – November 2015”

  1. Olj od Alverde še nisem preizkusila, pa vidim, da bo potrebno :wink: Joooj, jaz tudi ne maram pilingov s ravno 3 delčki v celotni embalaži. To je gel za tuširanje ne piling!! :angry:
    Xoxo, Nyx

  2. Jaz tudi rada berem take teme :) Mateja ima tudi lepo napisano :) Jaz drugače zbiram v eni vrečki prazne posodice (ali karkoli že:)) in potem grem šele v šoping po drugo stvar, ker drugače se mi vse samo nabira in ne porabim do konca.

  3. ja mene zanima tole in ja, nisem takšen firbec ampak od tebe je lepo prebrat, od Mateje tudi ful rada berem :D
    Tole Alverde olje drugače tudi sama uporabljam, malo jih menjam in so mi odlična.

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