Favourite perfumes of 2015

Before I jump to the list of my favourite perfumes of the last year (or if you prefer most used perfumes), I have to say that I do not have my signature scent. I’ve tried to find “my scent”, but I just cannot commit to just one scent. I can’t imagine myself wearing the same scent most of the days. I love a good variety and I love wearing scents depending on my mood. I store my perfumes in a closet in my bedroom where it is dark and reasonably cold. None of my fragrances have gone bad so far and some are really old.

Perfume stashLet me describe to you, what fragrances I love and what doesn’t work for me. Oriental scents typically not my cup of tea. Only a few I like. On myself I do not like icy fresh scent, because they make me feel cold. The only true fruity scents that I like are citrus ones. Escada fruity type of scents make me feel sickly. I mostly like floral scents. And I do not mind powdery notes as well. A touch of vanilla and caramel can be a nice warming addition too. From time to time I like to wear sophisticated, lady-like, feminine and powerful scents, but most of the time I stick to sunny, elegant in modern flowery scents. As I mentioned before I pick my scents depending on the mood I am at that moment, but I tend to gravitate toward warmer and sweeter scents during colder weather and more light and fresh scents when it is hot. Enough of intro, let just jump right to my favourites.

Favourite perfumes of 2015
Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir, Valentino Valentina, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Diesel Fuel Of Life Unlimited, Chloe Chloe, Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

Bvlgari – Mon Jasmin Noir

A very pleasant, warm and uplifting floral scent of jasmin and musk. The bottle is beautiful and the scent youthfully elegant. It last on my skin very long time.

Diesel – Fuel for Life Unlimited

It is my favourite sweet perfume at the moment. It lasts a very long time on my skin and even I can smell it on myself for quite a long time. It is quite a unique scent and I have difficulties to describe it. Whenever I wear it I feel very comfortable and warm, yet very self confident and nice. It somehow still is feminine and sexy.

Valentino – Valentina

Playful, uplifting and warm at the same time. I like wearing it in the warmer months. Definitely a young and positive scent, which brings smile on my face every single time. It is still grown up enough for a business woman with a playful soul.

Chloe – Eau De Perfum

A true classic and one of the most grown up perfumes in this selection. Although I don’t like rose scents, this one is big exception. I love it, when it warms up on my skin. It becomes more powdery over time, which is the best part. It is interesting that I get the most questions and compliments when I’m wearing Chloe. It just might be a very pleasing scent or it just reacts well with my chemistry. It lasts a very long time on my skin. It is a scent for true ladies.

Jo Malone – Wood Sage and Sea Salt

The freshest of them all. I would compare its freshness to the D&G Light Blue (which is one of my long time favourites). They are most definitely not the same, but are somewhat on the same level. A beautiful scent! I have to mention though that I have to spritz a lot of times to get a desirable effect. And on top of all it is not the most long lasting. I still love it enough to buy another (big) bottle the moment I get the chance.

Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy

One of the very popular perfumes (outside of Slovenia, especially over the pond). I didn’t know about its popularity at all when I bought it on an impulse. At my surprise I was attracted by the bottle at first. I have to admit it is a bit over the top, but very cute. Then I smelled it and fell in love. Sweet, but incredibly beautiful. I only have less than half a bottle left and I am most definitely buy it again.

Viktor & Rolf – Bonbon

The newest addition to my collection. I got it as a Christmas gift. So technically it cannot be my top scent for 2015, but it has the most beautiful bottle. And also the scent is one of my favourite scents for colder months. It is sweet, but not over the top. It works very well as a layering scent.

Memorable mention goes to Shiseido Ever Bloom, which is an unoffensive, light floral scent and thus perfect for everyday use and suitable for those days when you just want to smell nicely and not stick out of the crowd too much. An uncomplicated scent. I think a lot of people might like it, but it is not signature scent material.

On my wish list is still Marc Jacobs Decadence. The bottle is just fantastic and the scent unique enough for my liking. I am also attracted to YSL Black Opium and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb. I know the last one is a men’s perfume and very much a “winter” scent, but it is such a warm and cinnamon-y scent that it is hard to resist. Mmm …

What are your favourite scents? Do you have any new perfumes on your wish list?

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