Pink October 2016

My dear cancer survivors and fighters,

last year my attention went to breast cancer prevention, but this year all my thoughts are with you.
Cancer takes so much from you. Dulls your optimism, senses and demands gigantic amount of willpower, studying and most of all – fighting.

I wish your external and sometimes even more painful, internal scars, are recognised as what they are – medals of highest order for your courage. Let scars be the reminder that you are the winners, no matter what those around you or even that tired part of you thinks.

Never ending pain and sickness and yet you still persevere, fight and hope for better tomorrow. You are my idols. You make all of us rethink about our lives and worries that are not really important, but we still let them hinder our lives.

Respect ladies. <3

Rožnati oktober - roza nohti
Pink October manicure – breast cancer awareness month
Roza manikura za Rožnati oktober
Pink October nail art manicure: Trend It Up 010 (Soft Matte) base + stamping Trend It Up Holo Dimension nail polish 010, 050 + MoYou London Gothic collection 04
Manikura za Rožnati oktober - roza podlaga, zlati žarek upanja
Ray of hope: Trend It Up 010 (Soft Matte) base + stamping Trend It Up Metallic Dust 010 + MoYou London Gothic collection 01

6 lovely Slovenian beauty bloggers joined me in spreading this important message. Click on their photos and see what they have to say about Pink October.  Thank You!

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13 thoughts on “Pink October 2016”

  1. Zelo lepa manikura Gabi! Tak nežni stamping me ful navdušuje in včeraj sem tudi sama posegla po njem! :)

  2. Oh Gabi, so se mi kr učke orosile. Res so borke! In zelo zanimiva manikura, zelo dobro ponazarja kaj rak pusti.

  3. Čisto sem pozabila na tole sodelovanje, pa sem se hotela tudi jaz pridružiti, za mojo mami. Se vidi, da mi sedaj misli zaposljujejo druge stvari. :P Ste se pa punce potrudile, super objave. :)

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